CCC hypocrisy exposed

Staff Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)’s push for the diaspora vote has exposed their hypocritical tendency that pushes Government for demands that they have failed to fulfil within their structure less party, The Harare Post can reveal.

A source within CCC has lambasted the hypocrisy exhibited by CCC party leader, Nelson Chamisa who has been pushing for the Diaspora vote, yet he has proceeded to abolish Intra-party Diaspora vote for their Provincial Executive members.

“This level of hypocrisy by Chamisa is just unimaginable. We used to have Diaspora voting for our party’s Provincial Executive members. This system has since been abolished by Chamisa for reasons unknown to us. Voting can now only be conducted physically in Zimbabwe. As protagonists of the Diaspora vote, we should put it to use first before selling the idea to the people on a national level,” said the source.

Political commentator, Patrick Manyemwe argued that recent Zoom meetings hosted by people in the CCC Diaspora team showed minimal figures of not more than 20 people per session, an indication that the party lacks strong influence in the Diaspora as it claims.  

“Basing on the paltry figures of not more than 20 people in every CCC diaspora vote zoom meeting, one can deduce that, CCC has no such influence as it claims and the vote is pro ZANU PF,” said Manyemwe.

Meanwhile, Kenya elections have revealed that although opposition party leader, Raila Odinga won 11 out of 12 diaspora votes, this only constituted a 0.05% of the registered voters. This put to the fore that diaspora vote cannot be used as leverage by Chamisa to deem Zimbabwe’s elections as biased.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Government has never disputed the fact that Zimbabweans in the diaspora should vote, but has invited all the nationals in the diaspora who wish to vote to come back home and register to vote. According to the current Constitution, only diplomats and nationals on official State duty are legible to vote.