Chamisa brews another lie in Chinhoyi

Political Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa yesterday shocked people who attended a rally he addressed in Chinhoyi after he blazenly claimed that he was having secret meetings with the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) and Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) bosses.

Addressing a poorly attended rally in Chinhoyi, Chamisa said that he met with State Security bosses and assured them that in the event that his party ascends to power in the forthcoming polls, he will not temper with the structure of the Security Departments.

“Before I came here, I saw some bosses from Police and CIO. I told them that as we prepare to govern, we will not bring in a new CIO, a new Army or new Police. We will work with the army that is already there, we will change some things but our security sector will remain as it is,” claimed Chamisa.

Political commentator, Terrence Chipwanya said that it was a lie that Chamisa was having meetings with the State Security bosses as that was against their code of conduct.

“Chamisa was lying with a straight face. The CIO, Police and Army bosses are patriotic and professionally trained people who will not avail themselves to a meeting with a leader of an opposition party to discuss politics of the future. Chamisa only wanted his supporters to believe that he had the support of the security personnel,” said Chipwanya.

Speaking at the same rally, Chamisa reiterated that the CCC party was a structure-less organisation with no other leaders except himself.

“Those who were with us within the MDC structures will not automatically bring those positions to CCC. The positions in the CCC will come from the people,” said Chamisa.

Meanwhile, an eye witness who attended Chamisa’s rally said that it was a lie that there was a petrol bomb that exploded at the rally. The source said that a Honda fit vehicle burst its rear tyre near the stadium where the rally was being held and people screamed thinking that it was a bomb that had exploded.