Prophet predicts ZANU PF election victory

Political Reporter

Madzibaba Andby, born Andby Makururu of the Johane the 5th of Africa Apostolic Church has delivered an oracle saying that President Mnangagwa will triumph in the forthcoming presidential elections.

Speaking at a church gathering in Mutare over the weekend, Madzibaba Andby said that God told him that the opposition parties in Zimbabwe will never grab state power and said ZANU PF 2023 election victory was already guaranteed.

“Regai nditi vemapato anopikisa mweya mutsvene wandigara ukandiudza kuti nyika ye Zimbabwe haife yakatongwa neopposition party. CCC haife yakatonga nyika ye Zimbabwe.  Asi ndanzi na Mwari huyai mubatane ne ZANU PF mutungamirirwe na President VaMnangagwa. Patiri kuenda kuma elections gore rinouya, VaMnangagwa ndivo vanzi nemweya mutsvene vachakunda musarudzo,” said Madzibaba Andby.

The Mutare based prophet added that the only Zimbabwean political party recognised by the heavens was ZANU PF and urged CCC leadership to humbly join forces with the ruling party for the development of this country.

Madzibaba Andby urged the people of Zimbabwe to cast their votes for President Mnangagwa in the forthcoming plebiscite because he is the one anointed by God to lead this nation to prosperity.

Madzibaba Andby’s prophecy comes barely six months after popular United Family International Church (UFIC) leader; Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prophesied that the ruling party was going to emphatically win the 2023 elections.

In April this year, Prophet Makandiwa urged his congregation to pray for President Mnangagwa whom he said had been chosen by God to deliver economic prosperity to Zimbabweans.

“I am seeing a man named Emmerson Dambudzo (Mnangagwa) being sworn in as President of Zimbabwe. This man is so much loved by Zimbabweans and is destined to win with a majority vote in next year’s elections,” said Prophet Makandiwa then.

Meanwhile, Johane Masowe eChishanu Vadzidzi VaJesu Church leader, Mudzidzi Stabloni P, born Ismael Magodi also prophesied last Friday that the ruling party was going to conquer in the next elections. He added that Zimbabwe was soon going to achieve economic stability under the leadership of President Mnangagwa.