CCC leaders are compromised: Chamisa

Political Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa has sensationally claimed that approximately 50 percent of that party’s leadership is heavily compromised and cannot be trusted.

A source who spoke to this publication said that Chamisa fumed at CCC leaders during the Mugwazo Cluster leaders feedback meeting held at Mabvazuva on 25 November and said that some of them were on ZANU PF’s payroll.

Mukuru (Chamisa) was angry during the meeting. He fumed that some CCC legislators and councillors were selling out to ZANU PF because they want some stipends from the ruling party. Chamisa threatened to expose all compromised CCC leaders before the 2023 elections. He said that all rotten apples would be known soon and they would be thrown into the political dustbin,” said the source.

The source said that divisions within CCC were exposed during that meeting as most members aligned to the Maruva cabal absconded the meeting on flimsy excuses.

According to the source, Chamisa sounded warning shots and told all alleged compromised legislators to enjoy the parliamentary perks while they last as they won’t be recommended as candidates in the forthcoming elections because of their sell out behaviour.

During the same meeting, Chamisa angrily claimed that divisions were rocking that party as some leaders were sabotaging the Mugwazo rural mobilisation programme. He hinted that some former National Standing Committee (NSC) leaders would fall by the wayside as they will not make it to the next national executive council to be announced soon.

According to the source, Chamisa said that it would make sense for him to appoint the Mugwazo Cluster leaders in the next national executive council as they have proved to be hardworking and loyal.

However, political analyst, Terrence Chipwanya who spoke to this publication said that CCC’s chances of winning in the next elections were slim as it would be impossible for a divided party to win the popular vote. Chipwanya further said that suggestions by Chamisa to appoint the Mugwazo Cluster leaders into the national executive council of that party borders on autocracy as most of them were Chamisa’s blue eyed boys who would be used to rubber stamp Chamisa’s decisions.

“Chamisa is trying to form a kitchen cabinet. He only wants to surround himself with people who would not question his decisions. I feel pity for the seasoned leaders such as Tendai Biti and Charlton Hwende as they are likely to be relegated to less influential posts,” said Chipwanya.

Meanwhile, there are reports that there is turmoil in CCC as legislators have defied Chamisa’s directive not to accept the US$40 000 loans advanced to them by Government. The CCC legislators are reportedly accusing Chamisa of exhibiting double standards as he has been receiving donations and hand-outs from his western friends but doesn’t want his legislators to benefit from Government loans.