Kasukuwere desperate for a political comeback

Political Reporter

Self-exiled and former Cabinet Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere is desperate to make a political come back and has been engaging some fringe political parties to support his 2023 presidential bid.

A source who spoke to this publication said that Kasukuwere was desperate to be the country’s next president and has been in communication with some local political parties urging them to rally behind him under the Third Way political coalition ahead of the 2023 plebiscite.

“Kasukuwere is making manoeuvres to return into politics and is courting several fringe political parties to support his presidential bid under the Third Way coalition. Last week, Kasukuwere held a virtual meeting with Freedom of Rights Under Sovereign (FORUS) party, leader Irene Munyeziwa and expressed his intention to come back to contest the 2023 presidential elections. Kasukuwere told Munyeziwa that he wanted FORUS to be part of the Third Way coalition. Kasukuwere bragged to Munyeziwa that he has massive support across the country and he only needs all opposition parties to coalesce around him in a bid to dislodge ZANU PF from power,” said the source.

The source said that, in the same virtual meeting that was also attended by FORUS vice president, Emmanuel Katsvamutowa and FORUS secretary for mobilisation, Lawrence Dembedza, Kasukuwere said that he had support from other opposition parties who had all agreed to support his presidential candidature.

According to the source, Kasukuwere lied that some G40 remnants, some ZANU PF members and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) members have expressed their zeal to support him in the forthcoming elections.

The source added that Kasukuwere said that the opposition parties in Zimbabwe were lacking a leader who can engineer the electoral defeat of ZANU PF.  He further castigated Nelson Chamisa as a political toddler with no capacity to lead a coalition of opposition parties.

The source said that Kasukuwere boasted that he had amassed great experience in politics and could be an alternative leader of the coalition of opposition parties instead of Chamisa.

The same source said that Kasukuwere further took a swipe at Professor Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao and described them as political turncoats who were slowly sinking into political oblivion. He said the duo of Moyo and Zhuwao were political nobodies who should be ignored by the generality of Zimbabwe.

According to the source, Kasukuwere told FORUS leader that he was connected globally and has the funds to bankroll his presidential campaign next year and he only needs support from other political players.

Meanwhile, FORUS party is believed to be hesitant to partner Kasukuwere because of his tainted violent past. FORUS is reportedly planning to go it alone in the forthcoming elections without getting into coalition with any political player.