Zimbabweans castigate Biti’s actions

by Nobleman Runyanga

Zimbabweans from all walks of life have roundly condemned the MDC Alliance partner, Tendai Biti for announcing the alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa as the 2018 Presidential winner in contravention of the law, inciting post-poll violence and playing victim by attempting to illegally flee to Zambia on Wednesday.

The people who discussed the matter on the social media and the Harare residents who the Harare Post interviewed yesterday had no kind words for the opposition politician.

Some people slated organisations and people such as the self-exiled NPF member, Professor Jonathan Moyo who were appealing for prayers for Biti.

“Someone said lets pray for him (Biti). Vana ani? Dai makamunamatira paaiinda kuAmerica paaikumbira masanctions akauraya hama dzedu things could have been different for some of us. Maidini kumunamatira when he was inciting violence?” tweeted Lloyd Msipa.

Some people were miffed by Biti’s incitement of violent protests and his attempt to avoid being hauled before courts of law to answer for his alleged crimes.

“Nobody is above the law. No matter how rich  (one is) one cannot be pompous to the extent of ignoring Police requests to come through for questioning after instigating anarchical violence. It’s impossible. Biti must face the law in Zimbabwe,” posted Never Maswerasei on twitter handle.

Former High Court judge and self-exiled ZimPF leader, Benjamin Paradza questioned Biti’s leadership qualities.

“When you decide to become a shepherd you (must) be prepared to stand by your flock to protect it against all odds, You don’t run away because a lion has roared. A good leader puts his life at risk for his people and must be prepared to die for them,” commented Paradza.

 The people that this publication spoke with expressed various opinions on Biti’s actions. Some, like Paradza, questioned his false bravery while others condemned the MDC Alliance for refusing to accept defeat.

“When Biti addresses opposition youths with authority and willfully breaks the law by announcing that Chamisa won the election, one would think that he is brave enough to face the magistrate for his actions. He incited the youths to run riot in Harare stating that MDC Alliance members were prepared to die defending it only for him to flee at the slightest hint of trouble,” said Siphiwe Ncube of Mufakose.

Other respondents viewed Biti’s attempt to flee the course of justice as indicative of guilt on his part.

“It is surprising that a lawyer of so many years experience who touts himself as one of the best lawyers flees the country like a common criminal. A lawyer of a reputable standing uses courts to clear his name. Although he could be innocent, his attempted dramatic flight only serves to strengthen the suspicions of his guilt,” chipped in Clive Mandangu of Caledonia settlement.

VanaBiti vari kungoda kusvibisa our election by drawing unnecessary international media attention. Manje Zambia yakamupedzera,” commented Michael Zvavahera from Chitungwiza.

Biti attempted to flee into Zambia via Chirundu on Wednesday this week and apply for political asylum but the Zambian authorities turned it down and handed him back to Zimbabwe yesterday. He appeared before Harare magistrate, Elisha Singano  yesterday afternoon facing charges of inciting public violence and false declaration of election results.  He was granted US$5 000 bail.