Zimbabweans strongly condemn sanctions

by Tapiwa Mutonhodzi

Zimbabweans from all walks of life have strongly condemned the continuous imposition of sanctions on their country by USA in union with MDC alliance.

Ordinary citizens expressing themselves on social media have condemned the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe which they say are initiatives propped up by fellow countrymen.

Kudzai Mutisi said if a leader was genuine, he would not ask for a foreign country to impose sanctions on fellow countrymen.

“Genuine leaders should not call for sanctions on the same nation they intend to rule,” said Mutisi.

Expressing his anger on the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe by the USA, Fidelis Gwanzura says action should be taken against those who call for sanctions against their fellow man.

“Surely there should be strong measures taken upon those who call for sanctions against their country. We are in this messy because of those sanction beggars. Their tactic to put us under poverty so that we can then blame ourselves is treasonous,” said Gwanzura.

Harare Post has learnt in May this year that the MDC Alliance leadership visited UK and attended a parliament season as confirmed by a British Labour Party politician who has been a Member of Parliament for Vauxhall since 1989, Catharine Letitia Kate Hoey.

It is to the best knowledge of Zimbabwean citizens that the purpose of the visit by MDC alliance abroad was for smear campaign aimed at tarnishing the image of Zimbabwe on the global scale. Subsequently, the campaign for sanctions has resulted in USA President Donald Trump, signing ZIDERA into law.