Jonathan Moyo schools Joseph Kalimbwe

Political Reporter

Political Analyst and former Cabinet Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, has schooled United Party for National Development (UPND) politician and activist Joseph Kalimbwe, on the dangers of performing as a mouth piece for opposition parties in other sovereign countries.

Responding to a Twitter thread where Kalimbwe expressed concern over fellow African countries deriving excitement over Zambia’s electricity, Prof Moyo maintained that for any country to meddle in the politics of other countries is suicidal.

“The lesson is simple; it is suicidal for a ruling political party in SADC, or in the African Union for that matter to designate one of its own to do hourly if not minute by minute propaganda to support any opposition in a neighbouring country. It is not done, full stop!” tweeted Prof Moyo.

Political analyst Patrick Manyemwe also said the response attributed to Kalimbwe by fellow African nations is based on his immature political stance that chooses to attack legitimate governments of other African nations. He said as a propagandist for Zambia’s ruling party, Kalimbwe has failed to propagate UPND’s policies to the people of Zambia but has chosen to direct his efforts on mocking other sovereign nations for the sake of effecting regime change.

“It is not rocket science that fellow Africans are attacking Kalimbwe. We are talking about a man who has put all his effort into attacking revolutionary parties such as Zanu Pf and the ANC of South Africa. It is only sensible that when UPND meets challenges his victims will remind him of his earlier utterances,” said Manyemwe.

A member of the ANC who spoke to this publication through a tele-conversation highlighted that despite the Southern Africa Development Committee (SADC) countries not always seeing eye for eye, disagreements have never been solved on social media in the way Kalimbwe is doing. He implored on Zambia’s ruling party to revisit its approach on fellow African nations.

“The SADC community has never assigned proxies to raise pertinent issues about member states on social media. We can only hope that UNPD will take note of the ill behaviour by Kalimbwe and redraw their approach plan to other nations,” said the ANC member.

Zimbabwe has been at conflict with the United States (US) and allies over the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. However neither Zimbabwe nor the US has resorted to using social media platforms to settle their differences.