CCC drug peddler arrested

Political Reporter

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has arrested a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) member for peddling drugs in Mbare, Harare.

A source who spoke to this publication said that ZRP arrested a CCC youth, Takunda Chingara at house number 46 Samuriwo Street in Mbare after he was found in possession of a large consignment of drugs.

“A CCC youth member in Mbare, Takunda Chingara was arrested last week after he was found in possession of a huge consignment of drugs. The drugs included marijuana, benylin cough syrup and cocaine. Before he was arrested, he tried to make some phone calls to his party leaders but no one came to his rescue,” said the source.

According to the source, Chingara who is detained at Harare Central Police station told the police that the drug trafficking syndicate included some of the senior members in his party.

The source added that CCC Youth Assembly deputy spokesperson,Womberai Nhende frequently visited Chingara’s place and it is believed that he was one of Chingara’s drug suppliers.

The same source added that Chingara’s place of residence was a haven of illegal activities as the house would be turned into a brothel for highly intoxicated youths.

The source said that during his arrest, Chingara was swearing at the police and shouting obscenities shouting that even if he was to be jailed he would be freed from the prison in the event that Nelson Chamisa wins the forthcoming elections.

Meanwhile, ZRP has intensified its crackdown against drug peddlers and syndicates countrywide through the setting up of crack teams that are set to lead the operation. According to the police, the crackdown would continue until sanity prevailed in the country.

In Bulawayo, police have conducted raids to control vuzu parties, where pupils gather indoors and engage in beer drinking, drugs and sex. Recently, 16 youths from Entumbane were hospitalised after taking drugs.

In June 2021, President Emmerson Mnangagwa declared war against drug dealers and established an inter-ministerial taskforce to deal with the problem as there was a surge in drug abuse cases in the country.