CCC escalates pre-election violence

Staff Reporter

As the country gears for the 2023 Harmonised General Elections, the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has escalated pre-election violence with its Chitungwiza councillor being accused of demolishing a ZANU PF property.

A source who spoke to this publication said that CCC councillor for Chitungwiza Ward 2, Stanley Warikandwa last week demolished ZANU PF Chitungwiza Zengeza 2 South district offices.

“Last week, CCC councillor for Chitungwiza Ward 2, Warikandwa came with his thugs and demolished ZANU PF Zengeza South District Offices. The offices were at window level when Warikandwa and his thugs went on a rampage bulldozing everything that was insight within that area while claiming ownership of the stand,” said the source.

The same source added that he has already dug a foundation and he wants to construct his house at that same piece of land where he demolished ZANU PF offices.

According to the source, Warikandwa was bent on agitating ZANU PF members so that they could react and lure them into violence.

“During the unwarranted act, Warikandwa threatened to unleash more violence to ZANU PF members within the area and vowed that no ZANU PF candidate would be allowed to campaign in Zengeza,” said the source.

The source further said that Warikandwa has vowed that he would use his influence as a councillor to deny ZANU PF members from getting residential stands in Chitungwiza.

Meanwhile, political analyst, Tendai Moyo said that CCC supporters were a violent people bent on causing violence and chaos ahead of the elections. Moyo urged Nelson Chamisa to reign-in his supporters to avoid spillage of blood during election period.