Defence forces praised

by Tawanda Musariri

President Mnangagwa, who is also the Commander-In-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces, (ZDF) today, (14 August 2018), praised the uniformed forces for their sterling efforts in civil-military engagements at home and broad. The President was speaking at the National Sports Stadium in Harare to mark the 38th anniversary of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces.

The ZDF celebrations are done every year, a day after the Heroes Day which falls on the first Monday of the second week of August. Prior to this, the holiday fell on the 11th and 12th of August. This design was put to afford the working public two resting days as the 11th and 12th sometimes fell on a weekend, failing the public to afford a long weekend.

In his address, the President said, "Distinguished guests, comrades and friends, We applaud the Defense Forces for the various corporate social responsibility activities and programmes which has seen the ZDF providing civil assistance to ministries in all the country's ten provinces, as well as various community projects. These projects included construction of school classroom blocks, clinics, hospitals and bridges, among other infrastructure developments.

In addition, our Zimbabwe Defense Forces, in conjunction with the Civil Protection Unit, also offered aid by providing logistical, food and medical assistance to victims of natural disasters, especially in the country's flood-prone low lying areas.  To this end, our Forces continue to showcase that they are a people's force and committed to serve the nation."

The ZDF, together with the CPU work round the clock to protect and rescue distressed communities. Two years ago, the Airforce of Zimbabwe and the ZNA rose to the occasion rescuing villagers marooned in flood waters in Tsholotsho district of Matabeleland North.

A decade ago, members of the ZDF established Emergency-aid Clinics to help the City of Harare after a cholera pandemic had threatened to wipe away the city.

The ZDF is a multi-discipline force which can do any civil task if need beckons.

Today's celebrations are the maiden celebration after the arrival of the New Dispensation which was ushered by Operation Restore Legacy in November of 2017.