Let’s focus on reviving the economy: President Mnangagwa

by Rudo Saungweme

The people of Zimbabwe turned up in their numbers at the National Heroes Acre to commemorate both fallen and living gallant sons and daughters who fought for the liberation of Zimbabwe we now enjoy.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa preached peace and unity in order to achieve one common goal of economic development.

“Let us unite as Zimbabweans, to revive our economy and rebuild our great nation, the land of our dreams, and the land of immense possibilities,” said President Mnangagwa.

He reiterated that as Zimbabweans, we should never be deterred by temporary setbacks or regrettable events which we encounter in our course to build an open, free, democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa emphasised that politics should be left behind since it is now time for progress, action and delivery.

President echoed these sentiments at a time when the Presidential Input Scheme has already started distributing cotton and maize inputs to the people. The scheme is set to benefit everyone in the country regardless of political affiliation.

President Mnangagwa assured the people that his Government will continue to facilitate increased productivity through the distribution of farming inputs under the Presidential input scheme.

He also told the people that they will now be expected to plan and grow their provincial economies.

“I therefore, challenge us to fully exploit and utilize those resource endowments within our localities, this is in order to improve household incomes, the quantity of life of our societies and cumulatively, the national economy as a whole.”

President Mnangagwa urged the Zimbabweans to close ranks and collectively push the national agenda of economic development since we all share the same dreams and same destiny in building the Zimbabwe we all want.