CCC led BCC unleashes violence on vendors

Staff Reporter

Citizens have lambasted the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led Bulawayo City Council (BCC) for unleashing violence on vendors in that City’s Central Business District (CBD).

Members of the public that spoke to this publication reiterated President Emmerson Mnangagwa`s clarion call for peace as the nation inches towards the harmonized general elections.

BCC Municipal Police fired live bullets at vendors the majority of whom attended the Youth National Day celebrations in Lupane resulting in numerous casualties.

Speaking to this publication, Nothando Tshuma who is a vendor in Bulawayo CBD stated that she was not happy with the conduct of the BCC and called on the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to take action towards the council.

 “The violent behavior by the Bulawayo council must never be tolerated. We are all aware that President Mnangagwa is always preaching peace to all citizens and that we must tolerate each other despite our differences. The responsible authority must take action towards this matter. If it means the Zimbabwe Republic Police intervening then it must do so” said Tshuma.

One teacher from Watershed identified as Nkululeko said that the BCC must account for its behavior as this could brew chaos ahead of the elections.

“This behavior is unacceptable especially as the nation draws closer to the 2023 Harmonized elections. We do not want to live in fear because of the way this opposition works,” said Nkululeko.

Another citizen who works for the Zimbabwe Power Station (ZPC), Rutendo Moyo highlighted that, the opposition party was aware of its flaws and knows that it would be voted out in this year’s elections.

“The CCC is now aware that the people no longer need it. Its councils have failed to deliver and the Government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa has rescued it continuously. The people want to vote the CCC councilors out at this year`s harmonized elections,” said Moyo.

In 2020, Government disbursed ZWL$ 205 million in support of efforts to improve water supply in Bulawayo, which was experiencing serious water shortages due to the poor management by the CCC councilors.