Mugwazo failure, Chamisa to blame

Staff Reporter

Chaos is rippling in Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) camp as it entered into a classical blame game pitting that party’s members against Nelson Chamisa, over the failure of the voter mobilization campaign, Mugwazo.

The Harare Post learnt that the program was expected to have ended on the 17th of February 2023 with a target of 15000 registered voters per wards, but was extended when the target could not be achieved. That party’s members apportioned blame on Chamisa as the instigator of the botched program.

“The Mugwazo mobilisation program has failed to yield the desired results of penetrating constituencies which are largely ZANU PF strongholds. Several attempts by the CCC leadership have come to a moot point due to lack of funds to support the program and lack of cooperation from the electorate to give full details during their registration process and could not adhere to their strict registers,” said a source who spoke to this publication.

The situation has gotten worse as donors who used to fund that party are shying away due to Chamisa’s insatiable appetite for money which he often diverts for personal use.

“CCC leadership is blaming Chamisa for misusing funds with some members threatening to abandon the program as it has become an in house expense for them while they are witnessing Chamisa’s insatiable taste for luxury vehicles and expensive houses at the expense of the Mugwazo program,” said the source.

Additionally, the same source added that tensions seem to be emanating from Chamisa’s failure to define a clear roadmap for the party in the absence of party structures. The source confided that the opposition leader also stands accused of building a one-man band instead of a coalition, a move which has left CCC as a shell organisation resulting in members teaming up against him.