Young turks scare CCC

Staff Reporter

The number of young people and local celebrities who submitted their resumes for consideration to participate in ZANU PF primaries, has send Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) panicking.

CCC is on overdrive deploying its cyber trolls to smear the candidature of personalities such as Sandra Ndebele and Dr Matthew Mare ahead of the 2023 Harmonized General Elections. The opposition is claiming that ZANU PF bigwigs were elbowing the young turks.

However, the opposite seems true to that camp where lack of clear cut candidate selection has seen Dr Thokozani Khupe and Professor Welshman Ncube taking it upon themselves to pen a list of ‘Original’ Ndebele descendants to represent CCC. Thabitha Khumalo was reportedly counter deployed by Nelson Chamisa to douse the pair by rallying that party’s stakeholders against them.

CCC digital activist, Setfree Maunganidze took aim at ZANU PF aspiring candidate, Dr Mare mocking him for being over qualified. Posting on his Twitter handle, Mafukidze posited: “When I suggested that our MPs and Councillors should be educated, l did not mean they should be academically confused. Here we have a guy who holds 2 PHDs and 7 Masters Degrees two of which are similar. We go back to the debate of A Level students who pursue Arts, Science and Commercial subjects.”

Artist, Sandra Ndebele is also currently on the receiving end of insults and sexist comments over her aspirations to represent Ward 20 Pelandaba-Tshabalala as a Councillor.

ZANU PF published guidelines for the polls and since the announcement that it was taking resumes for aspiring candidates, social media has been awash with campaign material ahead of the internal polls. The development comes at a time Chamisa is reiterating that that party would not be holding an elective congress to select its candidates. The decision irked western embassies who gave out that the move was undemocratic and misrepresented the will of the people.