Chamisa staring at massive defeat

Political Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa is staring at a massive electoral defeat as he has failed to put in place strategies that could guarantee him an electoral victory, a senior CCC member has noted.

The CCC member said that Chamisa would not win the forthcoming presidential election as he had failed to convince the electorate that he was a potential presidential candidate.

“Chamisa will not win the forthcoming elections as more people have lost confidence in his leadership. The country is going to the polls this year and Chamisa has failed to instil hope into the electorate. Our competitor, ZANU PF is busy marketing itself to the electorate while our leader is yet to give us a clear roadmap for this year’s elections,” said the source.

The same source said that the majority of CCC members were in agreement that both Chamisa and CCC were ill prepared for this year’s elections. The source added that CCC members were not aware of how they would approach this year’s elections as Chamisa is keeping information regarding elections close to his chest.

The source said that Chamisa had done little to lure the rural voters and his urban support base had continued to dwindle due to his alleged autocratic leadership style.

“Chamisa has done little to lure the rural voters. He has also done nothing to consolidate his urban support base. The lack of party structures and the continuous infighting within the party is recipe for a massive defeat.  It would be a miracle if Chamisa garners 30% of the votes,” said the source.

According to the source, CCC coffers were in red as its traditional donors have abandoned that party. The source added that as it stands, Chamisa has no resources to sponsor his presidential campaign and was relying on well-wishers to financially support him.

Meanwhile, Professor Jonathan Moyo has opined that CCC will perform badly in this year’s polls due to its lack of structures.