CCC to conduct a fresh nomination exercise in Matobo

Staff Reporter

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party’s interim organising secretary, Amos Chibaya, has reportedly directed that party to conduct the candidate selection process afresh in Matobo constituency.

According to a source, CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa was not happy with how the candidate selection process was conducted in Matopo constituency. He was particularly displeased by the conflict of interest displayed by members who were dispatched to conduct the candidate validation process, who openly supported certain candidates, thereby compromising the whole process.

"Chibaya has since directed that the candidate selection process in Matobo constituency be conducted afresh.  He is just following Chamisa’s directive, who believes that the candidate selection process was not transparent because the candidate validation team was compromised. Chamisa is also saying the nomination process should start afresh because the previous exercise was marred by violence and allegations of vote-buying," said the source.

The source said that the directive to restart the nomination process in Matobo constituency was being done so as to pacify restless members who were threatening to boycott the elections.

"The process is being started afresh so as to pacify the Matopo CCC members who were not happy with the previous candidate selection process. These members had threatened to boycott the elections as they said the nomination process was not democratic and transparent. Members were questioning the credibility of the whole process," said the source.

The source added that by giving an order for the nomination process to be redone in Matopo constituency, Chamisa wanted to clear his name, as some aspiring candidates were telling people that they were Chamisa’s blue-eyed boys.

Matopo constituency is not the only area to start afresh with the nomination process. There was a rerun of the process in Chinhoyi constituency as the previous nomination process was marred by allegations of vote-buying and intimidation of other candidates.