CCC scouts for candidates in Bindura North constituency

Political Reporter

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party is reportedly in a fix as it is failing to get suitable candidates to represent it in Bindura North constituency in this year’s Harmonised General Elections.

A source who spoke to this publication said that CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa, was worried that the Bindura North constituency might go to ZANU PF without a contest and has since directed one Lovejoy Makunha to assist in identifying someone who would represent that party in Bindura.

According to the source, a Bindura based lawyer, Zvidzai Kajokoto had previously indicated his intentions to represent CCC in Bindura North constituency but he later withdrew his candidature after accusing Chamisa of lacking political direction.

“The president is having a headache as there is no one who had shown interest to represent the party in Bindura North constituency. Advocate Kajokoto who had previously indicated his intentions to represent the party withdrew his candidature blaming Chamisa for lacking political direction. Chamisa has since tasked Makunha to assist in identifying a suitable member who could represent CCC in this year’s elections,” said the source.

The same source added that Chamisa was contemplating nominating one Wadzanai Chirume to represent CCC in Bindura North constituency.

“Chamisa is tossing with the idea of appointing Chirume to represent the party in Bindura North. But the problem is that Chirume has no grassroots support. If she is allowed to represent the party, then it would be obvious that CCC will lose that constituency,” said the source.

The source said that in Bindura, the only CCC member who could stand a chance against ZANU PF candidate, Kenneth Musanhi, is one Gwarada.

“Gwarada is the only one who can challenge ZANU PF candidate in Bindura North constituency. The problem is that he is not loved by Chamisa,” claimed the source.

Meanwhile, CCC members in Bindura are reportedly complaining that their party was yet to avail resources needed to assist in voter mobilisation. They were blaming Chamisa for only focusing on Harare Province while neglecting other areas.