Financial misconduct by CCC Beitbridge mayor raises concerns

Staff Reporter

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Beitbridge Mayor, Peter Mafuta, is reportedly on a mission to exploit that local authority for personal gain.

According to a well-informed source within the council, Mayor Mafuta is orchestrating a scheme to receive inflated Travel and Subsistence (T&S) allowances for his upcoming participation in a mayor's forum scheduled to take place in Victoria Falls.

"The Mayor is demanding an exorbitant sum for T&S allowances, far beyond the norm, and he is planning to extend his stay in Victoria Falls under the guise of official duty," the source revealed.

This revelation comes amid growing scrutiny over the Mayor's financial dealings with the local authority.

The source further disclosed that although the exact date and venue of the forum were yet to be announced, Mayor Mafuta was insistent on receiving his T&S allowances in advance.

"It's unprecedented and raises questions about his motives. Why demand allowances now when the forum details are still unclear?" the source questioned, highlighting the unusual nature of the request.

The source indicated that Mayor Mafuta has a history of demanding T&S allowances for meetings, even those within the proximity of Beitbridge.

"He has made it a habit to claim allowances for local meetings, a practice that is both unnecessary and costly for the council," the source added.

Since assuming office, Mayor Mafuta's financial demands have reportedly included substantial allocations of airtime and fuel coupons, further straining the local authority's budget.

"In the short time he has been Mayor, Mafuta has swindled the council with unjustified demands for allowances, airtime, and fuel, diverting crucial resources from community needs," the source lamented.

Political commentator, Edith Mushore said that this situation posed serious questions about the financial integrity and ethical conduct of Mayor Mafuta.

"It underscores a growing concern about the misuse of public funds and the potential impact on the local community's well-being and development," said Mushore.

Mushore concluded that if the allegations were proven to be true, they could significantly damage public trust in CCC councillors and mayors and underscore the need for greater transparency and accountability in the management of public resources.