Chamisa snubs Bulawayo rallies

Staff Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa's absence at that party's campaign rallies in Makokoba, Magwegwe, and Nketa constituencies on 03 December, has left a trail of disappointment and frustration among party members in the province.

According to a source within the party, Chamisa's absence was met with widespread dismay among CCC members in Bulawayo.

The source further revealed how Chamisa’s no-show raised concerns about his commitment to the region and further fuelled rumours of internal divisions within the party.

"People feel that Chamisa has always left them out in the cold. They are now growing wary of his promises, which never seem to materialize. The members further complained on how Chamisa is always busy with his social media stunts where he talks about change, when he fails simple tasks on the ground such as attending Bulawayo events to connect with his supporters," revealed the source.

The source further expressed concern about Chamisa's tendency to rely on a small circle of loyalists, leaving the rest of the party feeling side-lined.

Additionally, another source close to Chamisa's circle attributed his absence to a recent mental breakdown as a result of escalating internal rifts within the party and domestic problems.

"The constant infighting has taken a toll on Chamisa. He is second-guessing his command and is no longer sure what to expect from the party, he doesn’t trust anyone anymore, in the CCC," the source disclosed

The source also hinted that Chamisa fears facing the Bulawayo crowd and being bombarded with the questions of CCC Secretary General, Sengezo Tshabangu recalls and how he intended to solve them.

"He knows his power is slipping away, and he's afraid to confront the reality. He is afraid of facing his supporters because he knows that they are not happy with him and they want answers from him especially on the on-going recalls by Tshabangu," the source explained.

Meanwhile, Chamisa's absence from the Bulawayo rallies has undoubtedly weakened his position in the region as well as damaged his position within the party.  The fractured CCC party faces a daunting challenge against the organised Zanu PF Party in the upcoming by-elections on 09 December 2023.