CCC to reinstate recalled mayors after by-elections

Political Reporter

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party recently convened a national assembly meeting, presided over by CCC Movement Mobiliser, Amos Chibaya, to deliberate on the future of recalled mayors and deputy mayors.

A source close to the proceedings revealed that the CCC has decided to reinstate all recalled mayors and deputy mayors should they win the upcoming by-elections.

"The assembly was firm in its resolve. Our priority is to see our recalled leaders back in their rightful positions once we secure victory in the by-elections," the source stated, emphasising the party's dedication to its former officials.

In a notable decision, the meeting agreed that current councillors should not compete for the positions of mayor or deputy mayor if a CCC mayor or deputy mayor is recalled.

"It's about maintaining stability and respect for those who have served. Councillors unquestionably loyal to our leader Nelson Chamisa will be elected interim mayors or deputy mayors, with the understanding that they will step down when those anointed by our president return," the source explained.

The same source said that this resolution particularly affects Ian Makone, the recalled Harare Mayor.

According to the source, the meeting concurred that Makone should be reappointed as mayor if he makes a comeback in the by-elections.

"Whoever holds the mayoral seat then will have to resign to make way for Makone. That's the decision," the source added.

However, this decision has caused some disgruntlement within that party. Some councillors have expressed their dissatisfaction, arguing that the positions should be contested rather than reserved for those anointed by Nero.

"This approach undermines the democratic process within our own party. Every position should be open to competition," a disgruntled councillor remarked.

Efforts to obtain comments from Chibaya and CCC spokesperson, Promise Mkwananzi were unsuccessful, as their mobile phones were unreachable at the time of writing.