CCC slated for double standards

Staff Reporter

The Chamisa-led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is now under intense criticism from political analysts for its seemingly contradictory approach to the judiciary.

The party, which had previously accused the courts of being captured by Zanu-PF, is now actively seeking their intervention, prompting analysts to question the party's double standards.

Prominent political analyst, Chido Moyo, expressed concern over CCC's about-face, stating that the CCC is inconsistent.

"Members of CCC were adamant that approaching the courts was futile due to alleged state capture. Now, their sudden reliance on the same courts raises serious questions about their consistency and the credibility of their initial claims."

Another analyst, Professor Tendai Sibanda, emphasized CCC's inconsistency, particularly in moments of adversity.

"When things don't go their way, CCC rushes to the courts which they always claim are compromised. This behaviour raises eyebrows and reflects confusion within that party," said Sibanda.

Adding to the critique, Dr. Rudo Makoni raised concerns about CCC's motivations, suggesting that the party's court approaches might be a strategic move rather than a genuine pursuit of justice.

“It seems CCC is using court appearances to whip up emotions in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) or gain sympathy from Western backers. However, this approach is counter-productive as it risks entrenching sanctions and causing suffering for the Zimbabwean citizens," said Dr. Makoni.

Furthermore, another political analyst, Simba Matombo questioned CCC's leader, Nelson Chamisa, highlighting the inconsistency in his stance on the judiciary.

"Chamisa refrained from approaching the courts during the presidential dispute, citing that they were captured by Zanu PF. What has changed now? Are the courts suddenly fair, or have they become uncaptured? This inconsistency is puzzling and raises doubts about the party's strategic direction," he said.

CCC's response to these criticisms remains elusive, leaving the public to ponder the implications of their shifting stance on the judiciary and the potential impact. CCC finds itself under increasing scrutiny, with analysts and citizens alike questioning the party's commitment to a consistent and principled approach in the face of legal challenges.