Tsenengamu returns to ZANU PF, abandons opposition politics

Political Reporter

In a surprising political development, Godfrey Tsenengamu, a noted political figure known for his shifting allegiances, has announced a return to the ruling ZANU PF Party.

This announcement comes after a series of engagements with various opposition entities that, according to Tsenengamu, ultimately proved fruitless.

In a statement released yesterday, Tsenengamu expressed a renewed allegiance to ZANU PF, a Party he was part of for two decades until his expulsion in March 2020.

"On this day, Wednesday, May 1, 2024, I would like to advise all concerned that after deep moments of introspection and reflection, I am hereby rescinding my initial decision to quit politics as I further advise of my decision to retrace my steps back to ZANU-PF, the Party I so much loved and served  for a solid 20 years until my expulsion in March 2020, whose contribution and effort I have decided not to allow to go to waste because of bitterness, anger, and frustration," Tsenengamu declared.

Tsenengamu made it clear that he is not seeking immediate reintegration into the Party's formal structures.

"This announcement therefore marks the genesis of my journey to fully reconnect with the party. As such, I am not immediately proceeding to seek readmission as a member of the Party, as I am choosing to be a mere supporter of the party until such an ideal time when I will decide to apply for readmission as a member of the party," he stated.

Tsenengamu also vowed to champion the Party's ideals, values, and ideology from his position on the periphery.

"As I do hereby join millions of other supporters of the Party, I fully commit to start doing everything permissible of a mere supporter of the party in furtherance of the ideals, values, and principles of the Zimbabwean revolution as shall be guided by the leadership," he affirmed.

Since his expulsion from ZANU PF in 2020, Tsenengamu has been associated with different political entities, including the Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) and the Tyson Wabantu Movement.

However, none of these affiliations bore significant political success or influence, which might have influenced his decision to return to ZANU PF.

Tsenengamu's political journey has been marked by numerous controversies and shifts.

His latest move raises questions about the future trajectory of his political career and the possible reception he will receive from both his former and current political colleagues.