Chamisa has no intentions of building Zim

Anesu Pedzisayi

Chamisa’s utterances that Zimbabwe is headed for early elections are not only atrocious but irresponsible too, especially from someone whose MDC party leadership is so highly contested.

Instead of focusing on in-house party fissures, Chamisa continues misleading MDC supporters, by diverting from the Party’s internal conflicts. The jostling and internal troubles within the party are becoming an even greater threat to the MDC, and Chamisa, out of egoism, is making sure that all processes of democracy are trampled on.

However, MDC has to come to terms with the fact that they knowingly created a monster in Chamisa, and the current challenges the party is facing are all on him. After Tsvangirai’s death, MDC pulled down its Constitution from their Website and loaded it back after adding “s” to Deputy President, so as to accommodate Chamisa. If the MDC can totally ignore its own Constitution at party level, one wonders what could possibly happen “if” they get into power.

Following his presidential electoral defeat, Chamisa made it his intention to make Zimbabweans turn against each other, more-so, making sure that his blinded supporters remain behind his back. Chamisa has been bitter, deceitful and manifesting intentions to make sure that the ED administration is incapacitated through their “jecha” machinations.

Recent talk from Chamisa has been that MDC, after its National Congress is held, would be making efforts towards unseating a constitutionally elected Government. Chamisa said MDC has competent leadership. It is no doubt that Chamisa will be calling for demonstrations and strikes, a strategy that has failed these past two decades.

From this background, however, Zimbabweans should be reminded that from time memorial, demonstrations called by the MDC have only resulted in violence and lawlessness. It is this same violence and lawlessness that Chamisa is looking for, so that he may line his pockets. It is no secret that MDC is bankrupt, as the party recently made revelations that they were appealing for Government to bail them out. Chamisa and MDC have also been suffering from donor fatigue, as most of their Western funders have being alluding to death of democracy within the Party and Chamisa’s failure to address the issue. 

It is high time that Zimbabweans come to terms with the fact that Chamisa has no intentions of seeing Zimbabwe flourish, as he is only furthering his selfish intentions. Chamisa will only work towards wasting people’s time, instead of focusing on building the country, progress is derailed by spending time on the streets.

From his recent utterances in Bulawayo, Chamisa only has his eyes set on becoming The President, and not an advocate for progress. Under his leadership, MDC run Councils have been dismally failing in providing efficient service delivery. Corruption, incompetence, struggle for power, have been crippling MDC. In no certain terms has Chamisa proven or proffered solutions to address these anomalies within his Party and the Councils his party oversees.

Rebuilding Zimbabwe would have started with Chamisa reprimanding corrupt MDC officials, reading them the riot act and making sure they deliver to the electorate that voted them into power. Chamisa would have also made himself available to engage in the National Dialogue with other presidential candidates that participated in the 2018 elections. It would also have required Chamisa to disassociate himself with the kudira jecha mantra, urging his followers to participate in nation building.

The process of rebuilding Zimbabwe lies upon all citizens, political leaders and relevant stakeholders. Participating in demonstrations, illegal marches and machinations to unseat Government should not be entertained by a people who have an agenda to see Zimbabwe progress. Instead, now is the time to be calling for Chamisa to stop misleading the electorate and causing anarchy.

Now is the time to rebuild Zimbabwe and make sure that selfish individuals like Chamisa are not given the political space, especially when they are working against the development of the country. The onus of rebuilding Zimbabwe rests upon all citizens, collectively, through supporting the current Government and leadership.