Opposition abductions systematically staged

by Christopher Makaza

For a long time I have always smelt a rat in regards to the purported abductions by members of the MDC-A members` reportedly by state security apparatus, until I closely scrutinised the occurrence of the so-called abductions and the recent revelations by MDC member Tapiwa Mashakada that these were stage-managed only affirmed my conclusion.

Like many Zimbabweans, I have now come to the conclusion that these so-called abductions are fake and systematically stage managed to soil the image of the Government and Zanu-PF especially to the international community.

Is it by coincidence or design that most if not all of the abduction cases and other MDC shenanigans always coincide with high profile international gatherings where Zimbabwe will be participating? Food for thought.

I also share my observation with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Sibusiso Moyo who in May this year after the alleged abduction of the three MDC-A female activists, Legislator Joanna Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova said the incident had hallmarks of stage managed drama meant to tarnish Government image.

Minister Moyo noted that although the Government had refrained from drawing conclusions, it was difficult to ignore the glaring similarities which existed between the alleged incident and several of allegations in the past which all borne similar hallmarks of stage managed theatre designed to soil the image of the Government and indeed the nation.

Last week, MDC-Alliance Harare ward 16 Councillor, Denford Ngadziore claimed that his wife and a six month old baby were reportedly abducted by suspected state security agents. Posting on his Twitter handle Ngadziore made the unsubstantiated claims of state brutality and the alleged abduction.

On the same issue MDC-Alliance on its Twitter handle made the similar noises further claiming that other MDC-Alliance members abducted together with Ngadziore`s wife at their home in Mabelreign included Allan Moyo and Snaga Lameck who were all reportedly dumped in Dzivarasekwa.

To a keen observer, the abduction allegations by Ngadziore, would always follow a prescribed pattern; precede a high profile gathering. A local newspaper, The Herald to be precise on the following day reported that Zimbabwe was hosting the virtual meeting of the Ministerial Committee of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Co-operation which Minister Moyo was the Chair. To the MDC-Alliance family, it was as usual the opportune time to embarrass and tarnish the Government through fabricating damaging lies.

It`s not by coincidence that the abduction of Mamombe and company coincided with the SADC Troika Summit and the presence in Harare of several regional Heads of State during that time.

The alleged abduction of former Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) acting President, Doctor Peter Magombeyi in October last year was another more calculated move to tarnish Government and President Emmerson Mnangagwa`s images ahead of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) which the President was set to attend in New York that month.

Former MDC-Alliance official Mr Tapiwa Mashakada fortunately exposed Magombeyi`s fake abduction drama, giving stunning details on how the alleged abduction of Magombeyi in September last year was in fact, stage managed by the attention seeking MDC-Alliance together with their white masters in the American Embassy to malign the image of the new dispensation.

Since its formation in 1999, the opposition outfit has brought untold suffering on the people wrought by inviting illegal sanctions on the county, hence all these fake abductions are meant to justify the existence of the illegal sanctions in pursuit of their nefarious agenda; regime change.

In July, last year some MDC-Alliance officials assaulted Minister Moyo and some senior state officials in United Kingdom (UK) on the sidelines of the Global Conference for Media Freedom held at Chatham House in London.

Minister Moyo`s attack was meant to disrupt his engagements efforts in the UK.

In September, last year several MDC-Alliance activists also demonstrated against President Mnangagwa at the United Nations Headquarters in New York protesting against the alleged abduction of Magombeyi.

The question remains; Will MDC continue with these fake abductions? You answer is as good as mine, apparently this is a new strategy to put spotlight on Zimbabwe when all else has failed.