The newly appointed United States ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Brian Nicholas had an interesting interview with one of the pirate radio stations, Voice of America, wherein he was very economic with the truth regarding the effects of the sanctions which his country unilaterally imposed on Zimbabwe.

As Zimbabwe awaits the election results; the electorate should bear in mind that they have nothing to lose by being peaceful, while losing contenders should also appreciate the value of conceding defeat (for their own sake, their parties, and for their supporters).


Zimbabwe has a new term in the property market. Land Baron is the term. This is a brand new term that never existed before 2000. Coincidentally, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) arrived on the political scene in the 2000 watershed elections where the party fared fairly well in urban local authorities.


Whether he had presidential ambitions when he joined politics, we are not sure, but what we know is that the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe has been good-naturedly in the periphery of the presidium for many decades. He was ever at ease with the positions and assignments allocated to him by his superiors.

REPORTS that some non-governmental organisations and quasi-political civil society groups have been abusing funds supplied by Western donors for their activities are not surprising given that some of these organisations have made careers out of opposing the Government and being appendages of political parties.