Staff Reporter

Ministry of Industry and Commerce says it is pressing ahead with resuscitating the country’s leather sector and is targeting firms with lower capitalization requirements for assistance during the remainder of the year.

Staff Reporter

Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement Ministry yesterday joined the rest of the country in commemorating the Heroes and Defence Forces Day Anniversary, highlighting the land reform programme as one of the gains of the liberation struggle.

Business Writer

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) says the US dollar deposits which have soared to US$1.7 billion due to growing confidence in the financial services sector buttress and sustain the economic rebound if funnelled to productive sectors.

Business reporter

Evidence of Zimbabwe’s economic resurgence under the new dispensation anchored on agriculture and mining continues, as the country has been ranked fifth on the intra-Africa trading list, according to the latest regional statistics.

Staff Reporter

The 2020/21 agricultural farming season has more than doubled its production of wheat, maize, small grains, tobacco and cotton compared to the previous 2019/20 farming season, with wheat attaining the 3rd highest production since independence.

Agriculture Reporter

The country’s economic recovery is hinged on the performance of the agricultural sector and there is need to enhance the current agricultural education system to respond to the requirements of the resettled farmers to increase production on farms.