Zimbos across political divide support Prof Ncube


Zimbabweans across the political divide have been charmed by Zimbabwe’s new Finance Minister, Prof Mthuli Ncube, offensive strategies targeting the restoration of the country’s economic pride.

This comes following announcement by Prof Ncube who is on a week-long working visit in London that Harare was committed to deepening its ties with London.

An ecstatic and optimistic Prof Ncube yesterday, “Today I am in London, continuing the important work of deepening ties between #Zimbabwe and UK. I engaged with global investors interested in investing in Zimbabwe at the #FTAfrica Summit. I later addressed Chatham House on Economic Reform & Recovery in Zimbabwe.”

He later revealed that “I am now off to Bali for the annual IMF/ World Bank meetings to continue dialogue with our international partners, focusing on accelerating clearing #Zimbabwe arrears with multilateral lenders and unlocking new capital inflows.”

To that end, known opposition pundits are publicly urging Prof Ncube not to be distracted by the opposition led prophets of doom who are praying for the collapse of the country’s economy.

UK based Zimbabwean Economist, Brighton Musonza, and a known MDC sympathiser came out in full support of Prof Ncube.

Musonza tweeted, “Prof. Mthuli, don’t be put off by shadows of darkness. There are people who think solutions to Zimbabwe’s problems only lies in having their favoured parties into power. These people think everything starts and ends with political processes.”

In support to Musonza’s statement, one Jacqueline Sande chastised the MDC for believing that they have a monopoly to the keys to revive the country’s economy. “They believe a certain party has the keys to the economy and will bring heaven on earth. Zviroto chaizvo,” Sande tweeted.


One Nokuthula Vukula tweeted, “Well-done Prof Ncube. Zimbabwe needs capital inflow in order to escalate the financial account. I like the fact that you are not discouraged. You are still motivated and Zimbabweans need this.”