Surface Wilmar condemns price hikes

by Derick Tsimba

Cooking oil manufacturer, Surface Wilmar, the producer of Pure Drop cooking oil has expressed concern over some retail outlets which are selling its product at prices above the recommended retail price of $3.70.

In a statement to the public, the company said, “Please be advised that our price for cooking oil has not changed, and the current shortages are being worsened by speculation bent on profiteering.

“Our factory has more than enough capacity to meet the national demand for cooking oil. We are engaging the RBZ for foreign currency to allow us to import more crude oil and packaging material to ensure we keep the market supplied. This is being availed to assure you of the best service,” the statement reads.

Harare Post has learnt that retailers are taking advantage of panic within the members of the public triggered by misinformation from unreliable sources on the social media. The public is also disadvantaging itself by accepting skyrocketing parallel market unofficial exchange rates on the streets and from some retailers, disregarding RBZ formal rates which have caused the plummeting of the bond note.