MDC Alliance leadership twisted in lies

by Zivanai Dhewa

Social media and the call for numerous press conferences by the MDC Alliance party has exposed it as a dishonest and disorganised party of chancers.

Speaking on the eve of the July 30 harmonised elections, the MDC Alliance party adviser, Advocate Thabani Mpofu said, “The party had engaged some of the best minds in Zimbabwe to ensure that the July 30 vote was not stolen.”

On his twitter handle, an MDC Alliance senior official, David Coltart exposed the disorganisation by his party citing its failure to field polling agents in more than 200 polling stations across the country.

“Citizens please respond to this call, we particularly need V11s forms from Mashonaland Central and West Provinces where it appears the main focus of rigging was,” said Coltart.

Whereas Adv Mpofu had said “we have put together all necessary legal strategies and instruments to ensure that your vote counts and is secured,” it would appear that there has been some dishonest elements that have lied to Nelson Chamisa that they have the proof of election rigging.

Speaking as a person who had all the information at hand, Chamisa posted on his handle that, “Winning resoundingly…we now have results from the majority of the over 10 000 polling stations.  We have done exceedingly well.  Awaiting ZEC to perform their constitutional duty.”

Contradicting himself Chamisa refused to reveal the V11 forms when asked by journalist to prove his rigging allegations, saying “I cannot do that because I will be arming Zanu PF. I will reveal the evidence at the appropriate time.” However, no such evidence was availed, much to the disappointment of his supporters who have begun to see the lies and deception by the MDC Alliance party leadership.

Chris Hove, one of the MDC Alliance supporters queried Coltart why he would ask for the V11 forms when Chamisa claimed to have them.

“Chamisa akati munawo wani. Nhasi busy asking for citizens to provide,” he retorted

“So you don’t have the evidence of vote rigging …..yet we all thought you have the V11 forms hard copies with you as you previously claimed and made people to demonstrate,” added @kombomagama on his twitter handle.

Arnold Muchenje argued saying “we always said voter registration without voter education is useless, are you telling me kuti you had no agents, had you told us that you are short of agents taitadza kuyenda for free.  I can’t believe this.”

It is obvious that the MDC Alliance is fragmented and had serious trust issues.  Eddie Cross has dismissed rigging allegations as insinuated by his party while admitting that the MDC Alliance lost to Zanu PF fair and square. 

“We look forward to Zanu PF turning around the economy and to unite the country,” Cross said.