President  urges War Vets to inspire current and future generations

Staff Reporter

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged the War Veterans to be a source of inspiration to the current and future generations as the country journeys towards attaining an Upper Middle Income Economy Status by 2030.

In his closing remarks at the just ended Inaugural War Veterans League Conference today in Harare, President Mnangagwa highlighted that the War Veterans have a bigger role to play in modernizing the economy.

“The current and future generations must be inspired by your legacy, to play their part and make the necessary sacrifices towards ensuring that Zimbabwe attains the vision of a modern, industrialized, prosperous and empowered upper middle income economy.

“I call upon you all to stay true to the cause of our liberation struggle, its ideals and aims, as well as the objectives of our mass Party, ZANU PF. The mandate before you further demands a greater sense of urgency, selflessness and a sense of responsibility,” said President Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa urged the war veterans to instill disciplinary ethos to the young generation.

“As the structures of the League proceed henceforth to execute its programmes, projects and activities, I urge you to remember and equally instill among our young people in the Youth League, the disciplinary ethos encapsulated in our enduring war time song, “Nzira dzemasoja.” This is more so, in our fight against corruption and other excesses,” he said.

Furthermore, President Mnangagwa exhorted the war veterans to work together in building party structures.

“Riding on the organization philosophy “Musangano kuma Cell/Village”, I exhort you to collaborate and work closely with other Wings towards ensuring that our revolutionary Party has comprehensive structures, which are constituted by active members who are registered as voters,” he said.

“I know fully well that with you, no challenge is insurmountable, no situation is hopeless and no enemy is too great. You are fearless and can achieve victory against all odds. That is just who we are as veterans. Hence, I know that this War Veterans League will be a trailblazer as, “The Force of the Past; Power of the Present and Inspiration for the Future” so that our nation accelerates the realization of Vision 2030,” said the President.

He further said that ZANU PF was the only Party which fought for the liberation and democracy of Zimbabwe alongside the war veterans.  It is the only party with people centered policies, programmes and projects as well as delivering a better quality of life without leaving anyone and any place behind, step by step, brick upon brick, stone upon stone.

Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa implored the war veterans to mobilize communities to participate in the Pfumvudza/Intwasa Programme as the 2022/2023 summer cropping season approaches.  He further informed the war veterans that the country has enough wheat to sustain the country for a period of thirteen months.

The conference ended today with 40 office bearers having been elected to the National Executive for the next four years.