CCC stage manages violent attacks ahead of UNGA

Political Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)’s plot to stage-manage violence as a way of seeking attention from the International Community ahead of the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), which is set to commence from 13 to 27  September 2022, has been exposed, The Harare Post has learnt.

A source revealed to this Publication that the incident that happened in Chinhoyi is just one of the many stage managed theatrics that is meant to draw the attention of the UNGA in order to put Zimbabwe on the agenda.

“The bomb stunt in Chinhoyi is just one of the many theatrics that Zimbabwe will witness in the period before and during UNGA 2022 leading up to 2023 Harmonised General elections,” said the source.

According to the source, there are plans by the opposition party through its militant group, the Vanguard, to create scenarios where the opposition party leader, Nelson Chamisa’s life is at risk of assassination. In these stage-managed scenarios, violence will also be perpetrated by the Vanguard militant group members who will be disguised as ZANU PF loyalists.

“A new campaigning strategy of portraying ZANU PF as a violent party in panic mode was launched just before Gokwe-Kabuyuni by-elections. Our Vanguard militia group will also be executing operations where stage-managed assassination attempts on Chamisa will be conducted.  Sporadic cases of violence perpetrated by youths wearing ZANU PF branded attire are some of the tools the Vanguard is expected to use as we go forward,” he said.

Although the CCC has dismissed the existence of the Vanguard militant activities, sources have informed that this group was responsible for the chaos in Nyatsime during the funeral of slain Moreblessing Ali. It is alleged that this same militant group was once used by the late Morgan Tsvangirayi to assault Tendai Biti at Harvest house when the later had challenged Tsvangirayi for party leadership.

CCC’s Vanguard is also alleged to have been responsible for a series of Police station bombings in Marimba Park Police station, Chisamba Police station in Mutare, Gweru and Harare Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in 2007.

Barely three months back, a truck driver was arrested and found in possession of a bag full of smuggled firearms and ammunition including some CCC branded t-shirts. The consignment was destined for distribution to CCC members in Chiredzi. This happened at Chicago road block 12km from Beitbridge Border Post.