MDC jecha movement reason for a depressed Xmas

By Charles Motsi

It is no secret that our great nation of Dzimbadzamabwe, or as many call it now, Zimbabwe, is in a state of great peril.

Service delivery is at an all-time low, doctors are being manipulated by our detractors not to go back to work and many more services are just not working. The victim and the one who feels the hurt more from this current state is the ordinary man and woman on the street and in the villages.

As all this is going on, there are, of course, some group of unscrupulous beings rejoicing and very much happy with the suffering of multitudes because they believe if the masses suffer they will revolt against Government and turn to them for guidance, which is just a way of giving them power. So all this suffering being experienced by the povo is a play for power by a few.

For purposes of this small submission let us just call these people the ‘Jecha Movement.’ Their true identity of course is the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which is under the misguidance of one Nelson Chamisa.

The jecha concept is simply applying the scorched earth policy and guaranteeing that if you, in particular cannot have something then no one else should enjoy it. Outside of war times it is practised by those with selfish individualistic motives.

In this case MDC and Chamisa promised that if the 2018 election did not give them a favourable outcome they would make sure that this country was ungovernable. Sure to their word they have done all they can to make sure chaos reigns in this country.

On 1 August 2018, before the final elections results were even announced, the MDC led a violent and unnecessary provocation of the security forces. They lost that battle as authorities restored order but at the expense of lost lives.

When the violent route failed they took their case to the courts and a whole bench of constitutional judges sat down and found that they did not have a case. The jecha brigade resorted to the violent method once again in January 2019 and again they lost as law enforcement authorities managed to restore order.

At this time I feel it is necessary to explicitly say that no one is giving power to the MDC such that they can influence what happens in this country. On their own the MDC have no power and have failed to influence the politics of this country for 20 years now. However, they are being used and taken advantage of by mostly western forces who are hell bent on seeing Zimbabwe fail.

When Zimbabwe took back its land from the former oppressors this was against the status quo of the white supremacists and they have been trying to make an example of Zimbabwe since then. It is not clear if the MDC is too dumb to realise they are being used or they know they are being used and simply do not care as long as they make a bit of money from it. This writer suspects the latter though.

Getting back to the jecha movement, it was a breath of fresh air when President Mnangagwa took office, he made all the right move in reengagement, anti-corruption and helping the country move forward. If these policies had received the required backing from local players and international players this 2019 Christmas would have been all milk and honey.

Alas the power hungry jecha brigade were bitter because they did not get power to satisfy their egos and fill their pockets. They made sure that the requisite Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) did not come because they dragged the name of this country through the mud making it unattractive to investors. The West was simply happy to listen to the MDC version of events as it fitted their fictitious narrative of human rights abuses and democracy.

Right now the ruling Zanu PF is holding its 19th Annual People’s Conference in Goromonzi. It should have been a time of great celebration and joy as it should have been reporting back on the progress made through the progressive economic recovery policies led by the party.

It is a shame that this year’s Christmas will be a gloomy affair owing to the MDC jecha brigade that will stop at nothing to see that people suffer as long as they are not in power.