Removal of sanctions; dialogue key to Zimbabwe’s growth

By Anesu Pedzisayi

Zimbabwe, under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has been going under progressive transformation meant to improve the quality of lives of ordinary citizens. It has been no easy feat, considering the numerous attempts to derail the process, from national detractors, mostly aligned to the opposition MDC, that still have a political score to settle, from the time they lost the Presidential 2018 elections.

In the process, there have been concerted efforts from the SADC region to bring the opposition to the dialogue table so that, they channel their effort towards rebuilding the country. In his address to a handful of party supporters in Mutare recently, MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa revealed that he was giving dialogue a chance. Disappointing to note, however, is Chamisa’s position on the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West. At the same address at Chisamba grounds, Chamisa bragged of how he had visited countries like Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Germany, in what he said,“sunga one sunga dozen,” calling for these countries to tighten sanctions on Zimbabwe. Chamisa also said that at a time when he was satisfied with “reforms,” would he then call for the removal of the illegal embargos.

Whilst the rest of SADC is standing in solidarity with Zimbabwe, Chamisa continues to show that he has a hideous agenda towards the country’s well-being. Former South Africa’s President Thabo Mbeki’s recent visit to Zimbabwe, becomes another major show of confidence in President Mnangagwa and the vision he has for the country. Speaking to the media, Mr Mbeki said he was “glad” with how the President was responding and addressing the current challenges the country is facing.

Mr Mbeki also reiterated how it was important for the opposition to concede electoral defeat, as well as accept any disputed outcomes that would have been resolved by the Courts. It has become evident to most Zimbabweans and the region at large that Chamisa has been derailing the country’s progress with unfounded allegations that President Mnangagwa is an illegitimate leader. To that effect, Chamisa has been encouraged to join the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) and engage in building the country with all other relevant stakeholders.

In addition, it is time that Chanisa joins the nation and SADC in calling for the removal of the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, that have caused untold suffering to the ordinary citizens. Not only is it pathetic and embarrassing that a leader calls for the ‘tightening of screws’ on measures that contribute to the suffering of the same electorate you preach to serve, but also shows that one has run out of excuses on why he is not accepting that he lost the general elections.

The call for mediation and dialogue by Mr Mbeki should be heeded by the MDC, so that Zimbabweans collectively work for the growth and development of the country. Zimbabwe is a country filled with enough natural resources and human resource that needs to be nurtured so as to realise full growth. Divisive politics encouraged by the opposition, meddling from the West and selfish agendas pursued by the opposition should be discouraged and condemned.

Selfishness, individualism and egoism portrayed by Chamisa shows that he has no interests of the electorate at heart. Instead, Chamisa is bent on causing political turmoil, anarchy and uprisings against Government, only to please the West whilst at the same time fattening his pockets.

Dialogue is key in nation building, and should be embraced by all peace loving Zimbabweans who want to see the nation growing to its full potential. The MDC should take heed of the dialogue direction being encouraged by Mr Mbeki, not only for the development of Zimbabwe but the region at large. Zimbabwe is not an island, and support from the region is highly applauded and appreciated. Chamisa should also retrace his footsteps to all the countries he visited, and boldly call for the removal of the illegal sanctions so that in the future, he may be taken as a serious politician who has the interests of serving the nation at heart. Until then, Chamisa and the MDC remain the opposition party that is only interested in pursuing individual goals that are detrimental to Zimbabwe at large.