by David Chandisaita

Another disenchanted leader, another lost election and a derelict building – which is now but, an empty shell with shattered windows; captures the poignant story of Nelson Chamisa.

by Elijah Chihota

Zimbabwe’s 30 July 2018 elections have come and gone and the Constitutional Court on 24 August buttressed the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) position that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was the winner.

by Bevan Musoko

The United States government continues with its covert and overt attempts to undermine Zimbabwe’s economic revival efforts through issuing a travel warning on 22 August 2018 claiming that there is civil unrest in Zimbabwe.

by Ashley Kondo

Zimbabwean democracy has been under spotlight across the world as different nation states, regional and international bodies and civic entities have made numerous attempts to influence and determine the country’s socio-political and economic processes, including electoral processes. 

by Own Correspondent

So, there are media reports to the effect that The African National Congress (ANC) has hit out at the America President, Donald Trump over his tweet about the country’s land reform policy in which he said he had asked his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo to closely study the alleged farm seizures and the large scale killing of farmers in South Africa.

by Prosperity Mzila

Following the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC Alliance) leader Nelson Chamisa’s election petition that was heard yesterday at the Constitutional Court, where he sought nullification of the June 30 presidential election results, quite a number of people where left enlightened about how the law operates and the court proceedings in general.