by Prosperity Mzila

“My team and I are ready to lead you to demand the legitimacy that is needed for this country to move forward.  Freedom lies in our hearts, in our hands and in our legs,” these are the words spoken by the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance, (MDC A) party Nelson Chamisa during his campaign trail at one of the rallies.

by Chigumbu Warikandwa

Foreign Observer mission from the African continent and from overseas are full of praises of the manner in which the elections management body in Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) handled the Monday election.

by Nobleman Runyanga

The Nelson Chamisa-led opposition outfit is hypocritical. They preach the loudest about the rule of law but when it comes to observing it, they happily play victimhood in order to deflect the public’s judgement over their flagrant disregard for the law.

by Prosperity Mzila

Only three days to go and Zimbabweans are ready to the cast their votes, making a decision on who should lead Zimbabwe.  It’s not business as usual.  This election is set to define the trajectory of our Nation going forward.

by Virimayi Chidembo

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s rhetoric that he has already prepared an inauguration speech and telling  his supporters to start preparing for victory celebrations, claiming Monday's poll outcome is a foregone conclusion even if Zanu PF and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) connive to rig the results is indeed dangerous childish talk.

by Peacemaker Zano

The election period is now in full swing and most political parties are now vigorously campaigning for their candidates across the nation in preparation for the harmonised elections that are scheduled for early next week.

by Gift Mashoko

With the elections around the corner the situation in Zimbabwe is rather calm as compared to the previous years when during election period people would be forced to attend rallies and get beaten up for supporting or not supporting certain parties.