by Nobleman Runyanga

This week the police gave the MDC-T Chamisa faction the go ahead to hold an event to celebrate its 19th anniversary after postponing the event over the cholera outbreak of September in Harare. While the faction’s rank and file is over the moon over the Saturday event, a critical analysis of the party’s history indicates that there is nothing to bring out celebration drums for. Not even the faction’s leader, Nelson Chamisa has any reason to rejoice let alone ordinary party folk who every five years have had to make do with definite, dizzying and dazzling defeats at the hands of the more popular ZANU PF.

by Caitlin Kamba

Wrestling was always a nail biting moment for most of us as we marvelled at the ‘choke-slams’ and the ‘RKOs’, but Zimbabwe’s economic revolution has afforded our generation a real economic wrestle mania as political bigwigs and business moguls battle to stay in the ring.

by Peacemaker Zano

The triad of social equity, economic growth and political freedom has always been the key for prosperous governments. Failure in one of the three areas, would mean an overall fail. However, the advent of the new dispensation in the country brought in many changes in the political, social and economic landscape meant to positively revive the country’s economy.

by Anesu Pedzisayi

In a bid to redress the shortages of basic commodities being faced by the country, Government resolved to amend indefinitely, Statutory Instrument (SI) 122 of 2017 to allow companies and individuals with free funds to import specified basic commodities that are in short supply.

By Elijah Chihota

When the MDC Alliance under the leadership of Nelson Chamisa realised that the 30 July elections were proving to be a tall order for them, they decided to hatch a plan to discredit the whole election as a flawed process. This explains why Chamisa become infamous for uttering the saboteur’s mantra, “ndinozvidira jecha” This was a warning of the violence that he was planning to unleash upon realising that the electoral tide was not in his favour.

by Nicole Hondo

A few senior Government officials have taken ill over the past few months, which in itself is not an unusual event. What is unusual is the birthing of a new menace in Zimbabwe which this writer opts to refer to as prophetricking.

by Bevan Musoko

When President Mnangagwa announced that he would constitute a Commission of Inquiry to probe the 1 August 2018 post-election violence, many people, especially those in opposition parties and hostile civil society organisations (CSOs) dismissed his pledge as political grandstanding.

by Sibusiso Ndlamini

When incidents take place, whether they are good or bad, normally they happen as a result of certain forces or influences. It is imperative to note that every occurrence that happens has its footprints that can be traced back to provide clear-cut proof of what exactly took place that could have triggered a major incident.