by Virimayi Chidembo.

THE just-ended 2018 harmonized election has proved once again that residents in urban centres voted on political lines despite a known dismal performance by MDC councillors since 2000.

by Christopher Makaza

I have been following with great concern negative remarks by our fellow Zimbabwean brothers and sisters since President Emmerson Mnangagwa was declared a winner of the July 30 harmonised elections, before, during and after the constitutional court ruling.

by Elijah Chihota

The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) report released on 28 August 2018 showed that from October to December (OND) 2018 and January to March (JMF) 2019 periods will be characterised by “normal with a bias towards below normal” rainfall across the country.

by Nobleman Runyanga

Following the unfortunate incident in which six people died in the post election violence of 1 August 2018, which was  instigated by the MDC Alliance as it staged anti-Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) demonstrations in Harare, President Emmerson Mnangagwa appointed a seven member commission of enquiry last week to look into the issue. The composition and other aspects of the composition have already been cause for relevance-seeking antics by detractors seeking to cast aspersions on the body.


by David Chandisaita

Another disenchanted leader, another lost election and a derelict building – which is now but, an empty shell with shattered windows; captures the poignant story of Nelson Chamisa.

by Elijah Chihota

Zimbabwe’s 30 July 2018 elections have come and gone and the Constitutional Court on 24 August buttressed the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) position that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was the winner.