by Prosperity Mzila

Following the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC Alliance) leader Nelson Chamisa’s election petition that was heard yesterday at the Constitutional Court, where he sought nullification of the June 30 presidential election results, quite a number of people where left enlightened about how the law operates and the court proceedings in general.

by Christopher Makaza

It is shocking and disturbing to learn that our fellow Gweru vendors on Tuesday brought business in Gweru`s Central Business District to a halt as they engage in fierce running battles with the police after they defied a council directive to vacate streets following a typhoid outbreak.

by Gift Mashoko

From the deliberations at the Constitutional Court, yesterday, it seems MDC Alliance’s chances of winning their electoral challenge are very slim, considering that they failed to provide their so-called explosive evidence to buttress their rigging claims.

by Rudo Saungweme

The constitutional provisions to devolve power to provincial levels will become a reality soon under President-elect Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

by Elijah Chihota

The ushering in of the new dispensation on 24 November 2017, gave hope to the people of Zimbabwe as they hoped to see a paradigm shift from the old dispensation of Robert Mugabe. President Emmerson Mnangagwa hit the ground running calling for re-engagement between Zimbabwe and the international community guided by the wisdom that the country could not continue in isolation.

by Nobleman Runyanga

The die has been cast and the date has been set for the Constitutional Court case in which the MDC Alliance leader and presidential election candidate, Nelson Chamisa is contesting the outcome of the 30 July election which President Emmerson Mnangagwa won.

by Chugumbu Warikandwa

The Zimbabwe Defense Forces have since independence used their guns outside Zimbabwean Borders. Regionally, the force has gone into the Mozambique campaign to help the Frelimo Government against Renamo Bandits that sought to wrestle power unconstitutionally.