Govt adopts Public Service Sexual Harassment Policy

Staff Reporter

The Government has approved the adoption of the Zimbabwe Public Service Sexual Harassment Policy with a view to creating a conducive and safe working environment.

Speaking during the 9th Post Cabinet Briefing, Acting Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Jenfan Muswere said, “The Government of Zimbabwe is committed to creating a conducive Public Service work environment free from sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse.  This is with view to ensuring the protection of the dignity of workers in the Public Service and maximum work productivity for efficient and effective service delivery.

“The Policy is meant to combat sexual Harassment in Public Service, provide a safe working environment that is free from sexual harassment, to create respect amongst people in the workplace, while also encouraging a fair and equitable treatment of all people in the workplace,” said Muswere.

It has been observed by Government that cases of sexual harassment in the Zimbabwe Public Service had become rampant, leading to poor service delivery, insubordination and abuse of office. As a result, the Government saw it fit to adopt the Policy to preserve the dignity of workers within the Public Service and to encourage other Quasi-Public Sector entities to develop similar policies that suit their work environment.

Meanwhile, all Quasi-Public Sector entities have been directed to develop Sexual Harassment Policies in line with this policy, as Government works to incorporate issues of sexual harassment into the Public Service Act, the Health Services Act and the relevant Statutory Instruments.