By Kundayi Masekesa

I write to dissect and expose the lies and hypocrisy in the statement issued yesterday by one Kudakwashe Ndavara on behalf of the so called Zimbabwe National Service Graduates Association (ZIM-NASGA).The poorly written statement was later reproduced by Zimeye.

by Emmanuel Murema

The most difficult people to convince that the situation in Zimbabwe is mutually hurting are neither the politicians nor the ordinary person in the streets, but the intellectuals. They are the ones who should lead and be the face of initiating platforms for engagement and re-engagement.

by Zvinyaningwe Mangwiro

Since the 2018 Harmonised elections, ZANU PF as the ruling party in Government has been turning its Manifesto blueprint into deliverables. So much progress has been noted in such areas as road construction, housing, agriculture and information technology among others, ensuring that Vision 2020 of a middle income economy is achieved.

by Christopher Makaza

For a long time I have always smelt a rat in regards to the purported abductions by members of the MDC-A members` reportedly by state security apparatus, until I closely scrutinised the occurrence of the so-called abductions and the recent revelations by MDC member Tapiwa Mashakada that these were stage-managed only affirmed my conclusion.

By Trevor Shiri

…dilemma action & agenda setting at play

The confusionist approach that has been deployed by the MDC Alliance, using the dilemma action strategy and agenda setting, is a futile attempt to divert attention from the deepening cracks in that party and to distract Government from focussing on the fight against COVID-19 and keeping the economy ticking.

By Philemon Mutedzi

…implements dilemma action strategy

The MDC Alliance, in concert with Western embassies and civil society organisations, has resorted to civil disobedience and stage-managing abductions in a bid to deflect attention from the implosion in that party.

By Ben Mberikwazvo

The embattled MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has found himself perched between a rock and a hard place in a game of political brinkmanship after the Thokozani Khupe-led MDC recalled four legislators from Parliament on 05 May 2020 as a fulfilment of a Supreme Court ruling that ordered the party's reconstitution to the 2014 structures.

by Ben Mberikwazvo

The world has been plunged into one of the most trying times in recent history, with the outbreak of COVID-19 in December 2019 in China. Leaders worldwide have put their political differences aside to contain the marauding virus which has ravaged the socio-political-economic fabric like never before. Coming back home, defining events have been unfolding in the political arena to the extent of upstaging, at the local level, the deadly pandemic for the limelight.