by Correspondent

Looking at the recently launched economic blueprint, the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on , Zimbabwe has tied its hopes for stability on both the domestic front as well as the external front. In any case, the country recognises that in the globalised, interconnectedness of things, it needs to take its rightful seat in the community of nations through international engagement and re-engagement. As espoused in NDS 1 paragraphs 705 and 706 (page 175-6) Zimbabwe “in line with the aspirations of Vision 2030, Government, (through NDS1) will accelerate engagement and re-engagement process aimed at re-integrating Zimbabwe into a favourable global position”.

by Innocent Mujeri

In few weeks’ time, we will all be saying good bye to the year 2020, a year that was pregnant with lots of political dramas that left the citizens in awe.

By Taurai Mazwi

…they will not win over Zimbabwe

The Government of the United States of America (USA) has always been responsible for and involved in setting an atmosphere to effect regime change. Wherever they have interests they make it a point that they do whatever it takes and whatever they can to get what they want.

By Christopher Makaza

Tax reforms proposed by Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube during the 2021 national budget presentation last week are aimed at ensuring that at least the country rely more on domestically generated resources, says Prosper Chitambara a Senior Researcher at LEDRIZ.

By Tirivanhu Kateera

The Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP): 2018-2020, which focused on, inter-alia, stabilising the macro-economy and the financial sector, and thus laid the foundation required for economic growth has come, conquered and will be exiting end of December.

By Prosperity Mzila

Outgoing United States (US) president, Donald Trump and Zimbabwe’s opposition MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa both refused to concede defeat, in their separate elections.  The world is surprised by Trump who has revealed his dictatorial tendencies and trying to force people to accept him as the winner of the just ended election in the United States of America.

By Innocent Mujeri

Renowned African author Kayambila Mpulamasaka once said that, “Even fools, when in one accord and united in their foolishness, will appear to be wise.” By this statement, Mpulamasaka was emphasizing on the importance of unity. He was simply saying that if people are in one accord, they can achieve more.

by Innocent Mujeri

The United States ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols’ continued interference to the Zimbabwe’s internal affairs has reached alarming levels with the ambassador now behaving like a prefect with the task of telling the Government how to govern. The US ambassador seems to have forgotten his core business in Zimbabwe as in recent weeks he has increasingly been tweeting supporting anti-government activists. One cannot help but wonder if Nichols frenzied behavior, is rooted in diverting attention from the recent mucky US election, which more than a week has passed without a clear winner.