By Charles Motsi

It is now going onto a full month now since the whole country has been forced to live indoors like scared mice by the COVID-19 pandemic and during this time the most controversial ruling, to date, was passed by the Supreme Court involving the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)’s power struggles.

by Innocent Mujeri

For the first time in decades, the world is under siege from a global pandemic. The whole world has been brought to a standstill by the scourge of COVID-19. From Wuhan to Dotito, from New York to Soweto, the scourge has spared no one, rich or poor, black or white.

by Charles Motsi

Zimbabwe is a democracy and that means that it can have as many political parties as it can carry, sadly, the main opposition party Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)  for the past 20 years is hell bent on self-aggrandisement at the expense of national growth.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been crystal clear on his administration’s position regarding opposition politics defining it as the moral campus of the ruling party that brings in positive criticism and keeps the ruling party in line.

It is a shame really that the MDC has not taken up this national duty.

The MDC can, however, learn from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of South Africa. Even though they are a fairly young party in opposition politics they have exhibited tremendous levels of political maturity and national responsibility when compared to their local counterparts.

EFF is a home grown political party that was formed in 2013 by former African National Congress members led by Julius Malema, the fire breathing leader of the movement. Malema has stirred controversy for demanding the equal representation of the black masses of South Africa politically, socially and most importantly economically.

by Anesu Pedzisayi

The world has been battling with the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) that has sadly resulted in the death of more than 8000 people, across the globe. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared coronavirus a global emergency, as the virus was rapidly spreading outside China. Since then, various bodies and institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has pledged US$1 trillion, to assist those affected, especially developing countries. The World Bank committed to provide US$12 billion to developing countries to mitigate the impact of the outbreak.

by Gift Mashoko

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has always preached about unity of purpose for us to succeed as a nation. This is the same philosophy that the ZANU PF has used for time immemorial and has yielded results every election period. This is the lesson the MDC is failing to grasp as it continues to suffer heavy defeats in by-elections and blaming their losses on alleged rigging by the ruling party, which they can’t substantiate by the way. As we speak, the party is mired in escalating tensions as the MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa is trying to consolidate his position from vultures who are circling his throne with a view to take over.

By Charles Motsi

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has over the years gained notoriety for being serial cry-babies. Their latest whining tune is on the issue of what they are calling the shrinking democratic space in the country, but evidence on the ground definitively rubbishes this claim.

By Grace Chekai

Professor Jonathan Moyo`s sullenness should not go unchallenged as his social media cooked up promulgations have taken a dangerous turn. At the click of the mouse he is fabricating coups to feed his bruised ego after his unceremonious departure from the ruling party and the country into self-imposed exile.

By Gift Mashoko

The United States of America (USA) renewed sanctions on Zimbabwe last week. The renewal of these illegal restrictions year in year out since 2001 bespeak of self-centredness and arrogance the US has, in regards to the southern African country borne out of frustration of not achieving their faltering regime change agenda for these past two decades.

by Elijah Chihota

The MDC, just like the Titanic ship, is inevitably and surely sinking.  When the party was formed in 1999, it gave false promises to people and cosmetically appeared as if it had all the important cards on its chest to turnaround the country’s economy at the drop of a hat. 20 years down the line, the MDC party like the Titanic is sinking slowly while those on board are enjoying themselves in blissful ignorance.