Grace Zvavamwe

When young people are marginalized or disengaged from political processes, it means a significant portion of the population has little to no voice or influence in the decision making processes that affect them.

Staff Reporter

Thе еngagеmеnt and rе-еngagеmеnt policy has bееn in thе forеfront of Zimbabwеan diplomacy. Thе Zimbabwеan Govеrnmеnt in 2017 announcеd that it will try to rе-еngagе and engage countries that once had relations with Zimbabwe and other new states.

Innocent Mujeri

On 30 May 1998, South Africa’s first democratically elected President; Nelson Mandela received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Kwa Zulu Natal. On that day, he extensively spoke on youth participation in politics. President Mandela was quoted saying, ‘the future belongs to our youth. As some of us near the end of our political careers, younger people must take over.

By Rutendo Jiri

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is making frivolous allegations that, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), is intentionally banning its rallies ahead of the 2023 elections.