Christopher Makaza

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa`s threats that perpetrators of the intra-party violence in the on-going district congresses will be dealt with accordingly are just crocodile tears and empty threats as he is the major beneficiary of the well-orchestrated mayhem.

Christine Lethokuhle Mabhena

The setting aside of RTGS$53 million by Government for the interim advance payments of compensation for farm improvements by the former white farm owners is a commendable development as this will bring finality to the land reform exercise undertaken by the country in early 2000.

Elijah Chihota

As the MDC heads for its inaugural post-Morgan Tsvangirai congress slated for 24 to 26 May 2019, sharp divisions have started to rock the party as members are split on who to choose for various positions. Since the formation of the party in 1999, this year’s congress is turning out to be the most violent one and the pre-congress processes such as provincial elections are being carried out in a way that has demonstrated that democratic space is fast shrinking. These have been characterised by threats to rivals of various factions.

Gift Mashoko

Bitterness consumes a person and it gets to a point where everything rubs them the wrong way. They will always feel defensive, moody and have frequent anger outbursts borne out of degeneration of personality after years of nastiness. This applies to MDC Vice Chairperson Tendai Biti, who is not liked by many even in his party. This follows Biti’s failure to secure nomination to any post from the opposition MDC structures in North America, ahead of the party's Congress set for May 24, this writer is sure the trend will continue as MDC structures treat Biti, with a long stick.

By Nobleman Runyanga

In mid-March Zimbabwe together with Malawi and Mozambique fell victim to the violent and destructive Cyclone Idai which killed hundreds of people and left thousands displaced in these three southern African countries. The disaster befell Zimbabwe at a time when she is in the throes of rebuilding her economy following nearly two decades of regression under former President Robert Mugabe’s policies and go-to-hell diplomacy.

By Charles Motsi

Spanish football giants FC Barcelona are one of the best well-oiled machines ever to grace a football pitch, they attack from the back and this tactic has proved fruitful to them over the years resulting in national and international success in the form of trophy after trophy. In a single phrase, they use attack as the best defence to great effect.

Brightface Mutema

The violent disturbances that rocked Harare and other major cities in August 2018 and January 2019 saw an unprecedented numbers of youths participating. To ignore the reasons why these young people took heed to the calls for demonstrations would be at our own peril. From a national security perspective, this should be a cause for concern.

By Nobleman Runyanga

Last week MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa was on cloud nine when he officially co-launched with former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo the book, Democracy Works – Re-wiring politics to Africa’s Advantage which was co-authored by Obasanjo, former Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Brenthurst Foundation member, Gregg Mills, American Jewish University President, Jeffrey Herbst and MDC Alliance Deputy National Chairman, Tendai Biti at the Southern African Political Economy Series (SAPES) Trust offices in Belgravia, Harare.