Trevor Shiri

Zimbabwe’s opposition politics is full of absurdities. It defies logic. In a normal polity, which has a vibrant democracy, where opposition political parties are allowed to practice politics freely, there is logic to political rivalry with incumbent governments.

Charlene Shumba

Opposition political players, particularly those from the MDC family in all its variants, sometimes exhibit astonishing lack of depth and understanding of political dynamics. They fail to read the mood. They fail to gauge the political wind. They feign lack of understanding even, choosing to play to the gallery for political expediency and newspaper headlines.

Welldone Tembo

As German’s Otto von Bismark would have it “if one wants to retain their liking of sausages and those who make them, they better not experience the making of sausages.” At its preliminary stages, the introduction of The Patriotic Act in Zimbabwe is already vindicating Bismark’s point of view.

Nobleman Runyanga

Since the MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa’s loss to President Emmerson Mnangagwa during the 30 July 2018 harmonised elections, the opposition outfit has been throwing around a number of accusations against ZANU PF and Government to cover up its own leaders’ shortcomings.

Prosperity Mzila

I was quite puzzled to see the MDC Alliance vice president, Tendai Biti taking selfies at the entrance of the High Court; he was bragging that he had just come out from presenting a matter concerning the “monopoly” by ZUPCO over other public transport operators.  This was after his party leader Nelson Chamisa had come out guns blazing saying that him and his party will never again approach the courts for any fight he might have with Government or ZANU PF party as the courts were according to him joined at the hip with ZANU PF.

Charles Motsi

As the late Cde Dick “Chinx” Chingaira Makoni used to say, “Havakudei Vanhu ava.” He was referring to the self-imposed world monitors, the white supremacists, who are now at it again and playing big brother on the internal affairs of China and sanctioning the Asian state for alleged human rights violations against the Uyghurs in western China's Xinjiang region.