By Trevor Namenda

“Unless each man produces more than he receives, increases his output, there will be less for him and all the others. Produce, produce! The efficiency of most workers is beyond the control of the management and depends more than has been supposed upon the willingness of men to do their best”, once stated Forbes in one of his famous quotes.

By Chipo Mutasa

Economic sanctions have dismally failed in the history of their existence. Since sanctions were viewed as an alternative and more humane option than open military warfare, their success is still a subject of public debate among scholars. Critics of sanctions have awarded their success to as low as 5%, posing an unanswered question why those who continue to use them still has much confidence in a failed strategy to elicit change in political behaviour.

By Mapozho Saruchera

The recent developments in Zanu PF which saw the removal of Secretary for Youth Affairs, Pupurai Togarepi, and suspension of his deputy, Lewis Matutu, and Political Commissar , Godfrey Tsenengamu, has been misinterpreted by traditional Government detractors to mean President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration is impeding the fight against corruption.

By Elijah Chihota

The United States does not want to leave Zimbabwe alone and has upped its game by using designation of persons as a way of forcing the ZANU PF government to capitulate. In a strange development, the US has stopped specifying companies on the sanction list, but is rather now focusing on individuals. The targeted individuals are those that they view to be making the country to go forward. Thus, the US wants to stall Zimbabwe’s economic growth and create a fertile ground for revolts.

by Peacemaker Zano

If there is ever one thing that can unify any institution or organisation, discipline is on top of the list. One has to be disciplined and abide by the rules, regulations and principles of his/her institution in order for that particular organisation to achieve its set goals.

By Taurai Mazwi

….both calling for peace and unity

Religion and politics are intrinsically linked that it’s hard to separate the two. As one author puts it, they are like body parts that cannot be separated. Religion is one’s heart and politics is the outer part of body. The author goes on to say that Religion is the highest human consciousness and Politics is a servant of the people.

By Mapozho Saruchera

The media was recently awash with reports to the effect that the American government intends to intensify its illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe. A lot has been written with regards to how the said sanctions have decimated the Zimbabwean economy – a development that saw the United States Embassy in Harare doling out large sums of money to government detractors to push the narrative that it was not the illegal sanctions fast tracking economic collapse, turning the issue into a what came first, the chicken or egg kind of argument.