Dominic Antonio

Despite attainment of independence, Zimbabwean government is still colonised. Absurd as it may sound, this deficiency in full decolonisation can be attributed to continuous hunger and reliance on imperial powers.

Mercy Kanda

There is narrative that is trending on social media where people juxtaposition President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the former Prime Minister of Rhodesia, the late Ian Douglas Smith, with some saying the latter was a better leader compared to the former while others dispute these claims.

Charles Motsi

When the iconic Nobel Prize winner and theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein gave his definition of insanity, he probably had our own opposition outfit, the Citizens Coalition for (CCC) in mind.

Grace Chekai

The Private Voluntary Organizations (PVO) Bill which was gazetted on 5 November 2021, must be expeditiously enacted into a law to rein in the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that are now behaving like headless chickens. NGOs the business of sponsoring opposition parties in bid to push for the regime change agenda. They are now dwelling much on political interference.

Derick Tsimba

President Mnangagwa’s achievements are quite impressive as he has managed to work tirelessly to put the countries interest first regardless of challenges the country faces economically to fulfil his mandate on development. Much of the President’s work can be revealed in his contribution towards infrastructure development in the country, from the completion of the New Parliament building, construction of Gwai-Shangai Dam, modernisation of Harare-Beitbridge highway and construction of Hwange Unit 7 and 8, all these are some of the examples of the results of President Mnangagwa’s initiative to turnaround the economy of Zimbabwe.

Bruce Zvandasara

There is an African adage which goes, “old habits die hard” which is used to mean that people are more often reluctant to change their way of doing something even if they tried hard to present themselves as having divorced their old self.