by Last Mwenga

In the 2018 election manifesto, ZANU PF party promised to improve  service delivery to the people and eventually catapult Zimbabwe to an Upper Middle Income Economy by 2030 with or without sanctions and with or without Foreign Direct Investment.

by Daphine Zulu

As if his worsening irrelevance is not enough, Nelson Chamisa is grappling with an enormous human resources flight from his ill-fated MDC-Alliance (MDC-A) party. This comes with the latest exodus of top MDC-A personnel Blessing Chebundo and Zvishavane Senator Lillian Temvoes. Again among a whole lot of other lost loyalists was Tongai Matutu, last November.

By Brian Dlamini

As the country began its national Covid -19 vaccination programme last Thursday, so many questions have been raised about the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, with several attempts by the anti-Government activists trying to discredit it.

By Innocent Mujeri

Last Monday, the country received the first batch of 200 000 Sinopharm Covid 19 vaccines from China. As much as the arrival of the vaccines was celebrated across the country as a positive development, it also started a lot of debates as people started to peddle various conspiracy theories associated with the vaccines. Some people who have no medical or science background began to urge people not to take the drug as they might expose them to greater risks.

Grace Chekai

The self-exiled G40 member Professor Jonathan Moyo needs to swallow a bitter pill and know that he is out of politics for good. Professor Moyo cannot stop criticising the ruling Government ever since he was expelled from the ruling party ZANU PF for being one of the criminals behind the former President Robert Mugabe.

Philemon Mutedzi

Zimbabwe has been a country that has grappled with the noose wound on it during both colonial and post-colonial times. The cruel colonial regime strangled black Zimbabweans, both politically and economically. The protracted liberation struggle ensured the stage was set for Zimbabwe to attain, firstly, political independence, and secondly, economic independence. The latter, however, is proving to be a tad difficult to attain given the octopian stranglehold that white monopoly capital has over third world resources.

By Derick Tsimba

The MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa continue to bury his head in the sand to the deep-rooted corruption in the MDC-A-led councils, resultantly failing to address the situation which continues to undermine service delivery in urban local authorities.

By Charles Motsi

Yesterday, 2 February, the chete chete brigade went into a frenzy wishing happy birthday to their leader Nelson Chamisa who turns 43, but the big question is, is there really anything to celebrate and are they not just making noise over a lifetime of failure and deception?