By Claver Nyuki

…. As Chamisa fails to accept defeat two years on

After promising so much in the drum up to the MDC’s Agenda 2020 address by that party leader, Nelson Chamisa people cannot help but feel that they were sold a dummy and that the Agenda 2020 was just a high sounding nothing with no tangible ideas on how to wrestle power from the ruling party ZANU PF.

by Elijah Chihota

When MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa last week announced that he intended to present a “State of the Nation Address” (SONA) dubbed Agenda 2020, some people swallowed that hook, line and sinker thinking that he was going to deliver something meaningful. Come 21 January 2020, Chamisa delivered the most unpalatable, hollow and meaningless speech, something which even made his western handlers blush with shame. Forty minutes into his speech, Chamisa was still rumbling aimlessly.

By Taurai Mazwi

The new dispensation is working tirelessly to ensure that the country is well resourced in every sector by ensuring the smooth flow of business in its drive to modernise, mechanise and develop the country so as to achieve vision 2030 of becoming a middle income economy.

By Nobleman Runyanga

Since November 2019 former ZANU PF National Political Commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere has been attempting to effect a political comeback bid and even went as far as threatening to contest the 2023 presidential elections despite his self-exiled status. Two weeks ago his fellow G40 colleague and former Foreign Affairs Minister, Walter Mzembi formed an opposition political party named People’s Party from his South African base but not without controversy and charges of name stealing against him.

by Prosperity Mzila

The Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC A) and its cronies are making a lot of noise about the Constitutional Amendment Bill ahead of its debate before Parliament set for April.  This is not the first time they have made noise on issues such as this, but this will eventually come to naught. 

by Letty Mabhena

The establishment of the first top of the range computer plant in the country by the Zimbabwe Technology Company (ZITCO), a joint venture between TelOne and Chinese entity Inspur would go a long way in promoting the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the country and enabling sustainable economic development as the nation trudges towards vision 2030.

by Christopher Makaza

The ban of opposition leader Nelson Chamisa`s so called State of the Nation Address (SONA) by Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is justified as it was meant to disrupt smooth opening of first term schools calendar  and incite civil servants to join teachers who had threatened to go on strike.

by Staff Reporter

The MDC’s youth league has always been comprised of violent college students and ‘nhubu’ from the various facets of society. The MDC have been incubating violent elements within its structures over the years. The writer intends to walk you through the various transitions the MDC violent youth gangs came to become Mashurugwi.