Daphine Zulu

The misconception that a replication of Edgar Lungu’s political dilemma will befall Zimbabwe come 2023 will remain a mirage, not only for Nelson Chamisa who rushed to ululate at the then opposition party’s victory, but to his kinsmen and supporters who seem to turn a blind eye towards the real facts on the ground.

Tirivanhu Kateera

Prior to the independence of Zimbabwe and Zambia, the two countries were part of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland which also incorporated Malawi. This means that the economies of the two countries were intertwined, to an extend run as one economy. Fast forward to the post-independence era, the two Southern African countries formed several binational organisations to drive economic activities along the two countries’ border lines and beyond.

Prosperity Mzila

Congratulatory messages from across Africa to Zambia have reached the leader of the United Party for National Development (UPND) Hakainde Hichilema on his election victory against the former ruling party, Patriotic Front (PF) leader, Edgar Lungu in the just ended elections.

Rutendo Jiri

The MDC Alliance has been gripped by false hope of winning the forthcoming 2023 Presidential elections in the manner Zambia’s now President; Hakainde Hichilema defeated former President, Edgar Lungu in the just ended elections.

Staff Reporter

… could it be through the bloodline

Today as I was going through my reading, I came across something I have always overlooked and it got me thinking. The leader of the MDC Alliance party, Nelson Chamisa, is son of the late Silvanus Chamisa who was in the Rhodesian Army, yes the White Rhodesian Army.

Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe’s freedom was hard won and fought for by brave men and women who sacrificed their lives and took the barrel of the gun to fight with the white settlers in order to get back our country, our freedom and our land.

Jasper Hloka

The Game of Thrones is proving to be too difficult for the self-proclaimed ‘darling of the people’, Nelson Chamisa, who is dismally failing to find a political foothold in the melee that is bedeviling his rein at MDC Alliance.

Staff Reporter

Today I got to understand why our heroes and heroines sacrificed their lives during the Liberation Struggle. For them enduring the horrors of the war and putting their lives on the line was for us to enjoy the fruits of independence and freedom. One may ask if we are indebted to these heroes and heroines, or if we need to repay them in any way. I will answer this question by saying that we all have a mandate to safeguard that which our heroes and heroines sacrificed their lives for.

Grace Chekai

The Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC A) leader Nelson Chamisa has proven to be a disgrace and dumb leader following his continuous utterances on cursing the administration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa despite the same doing tremendous work on the ground.