Jasper Hloka

Government’s move to ban any local trading in United States dollars and other foreign currencies has indeed sent shivers down the spines of most economic, social and political players in Zimbabwe who had taken hobby in feasting on helpless Zimbabweans. With the effects being felt across the board already, an economic revolution is certainly upon Zimbabwe as Government has embarked on emancipating a citizenry that had fallen under economic bondage or servitude.

Elijah Chihota

The world has moved into the fourth revolution which is characterised by innovation and high end or cutting edge industrial advancement. Zimbabwe is no exception as the country has adopted a new education curriculum which has a slant towards modern technological trends.

Nobleman Runyanga

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)’s recent report that Zimbabwe’s foreign direct investments (FDI) inflows increased from US$349 million in 2017 to US$745 in 2018 is an indicator of the fact that, despite the myriad of challenges which are ranged against the country, it is chalking up success in its bid to turn around her economy.

Gift Mashoko

President Emmerson Mnangagwa met with Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) on Friday at State House and personally assured that he would look into their grievances and address them as soon as the beginning of next month. The ZINA, which had threatened to embark on job action today, will no longer go on strike to give the President and Government time to address their grievances. Thanks to President Mnangagwa the strike was averted.

Nobleman Runyanga 

Since October last year, Zimbabwe’s economic landscape has been characterised by steep price increases and increasing inflation. These have been born of unscrupulous traders who are charging for their goods and services in either the United States dollars (USD) or pegging their prices against the greenback using black market exchange rates.

Derick Tsimba

Last week President Emmerson Mnangagwa indicated that Zimbabwe would soon have its own currency. This should benefit the country immensely from the introduction of its local currency through adoption of various economic activities that are attached to a country using its own currency.

Chigumbu Warikandwa

Austerity is a new term on the vocabulary of the average Zimbabwean. Regardless of the fact that the government of Zimbabwe designed and is enforcing austerity on the economy, fewer than expected people have sought to understand the meaning of this term and its effects.