Daphine Zulu

Under the rubric of democracy and political adventurism, politicians from MDC-Alliance continue faking abductions, this time around roping in the party’s co-vice president, Tendai Biti.

Tirivanhu Kateera

In Zimbabwe, the first COVID-19 case was recorded on 20th of March 2020 in Victoria Falls. Since then, the number of cases steadily rose until in recent months when statistics began declining. The decline has been attributed to various interventions such as COVID-19 vaccination program introduced by Government to halt the spread of the disease.

Prosperity Mzila

Listening to a Zimbabwean born public speaker, author and philosopher, Bishop Joshua Maponga’s analogue likening sanctions to a divorce, one gets enlightened on the relationship that exists between the sanctioned and the instigators.  The relationship resembles that of a married couple that opts for a divorce giving a clear picture of how sanctions and their instigators should be dealt with.

Tirivanhu Kateera

Over the years, farmers especially communal and small scale farmers have lost produce be it crops or animals to adverse weather effects as the same were not insured.

Tirivanhu Kateera

In 2020, Pharmaceutical Technology reported that anti-vaccine sentiments and resistance against COVID-19 vaccines could hamper the uptake and fight against the disease around the world, Zimbabwe included. It further noted that despite clinical trials revealing the safety and efficacy of coronavirus vaccines, a number of people have been hesitant about being administered with the newly developed vaccines. The hesitancy was mainly driven by misinformation, disinformation about the pandemic especially during the early days.