Kaelin Choto

Businessman Raymond Kroc once said, “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” This can only be the safest litmus test to determine whether an individual has the ability and capacity to translate a vision into reality.

Grace Chekai

The leader of the opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Nelson Chamisa has no place in the Zimbabwe we all want. As the old adage goes, the empty vessels make the most noise, so does Chamisa. Chamisa is now quiet and has nothing to say after the newly-elect President William Ruto won the elections.

By Paidamoyo Mutsvairo

Almost every country around the world celebrates its own version of National Heroes’ Day. August is the month that Zimbabweans remember those who fought and died in the struggle for independence from British colonial rule.

Tendai Guta

The new dispensation under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, remains committed to the growth of the cotton industry as evidenced by constant supply of free cotton inputs and improvement in payment modalities in the 2022 cotton marketing season. Cotton farmers countrywide are appreciating the payment on delivery model adopted by the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (COTTCO) this 2022 marketing season which kick-started on 13 June 2022. The cotton farmers are saying the new development will see them getting real value for their product.

Mercy Kanda

In her 2013 Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) talk, prolific writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie warns against the danger of a single story, a scourge which seems to be haunting Zimbabwe's ruling party.

Dominic Antonio

Despite attainment of independence, Zimbabwean government is still colonised. Absurd as it may sound, this deficiency in full decolonisation can be attributed to continuous hunger and reliance on imperial powers.